How to Meal Prep for WEIGHT LOSS (Beginner)



  1. I would suggest an instant pot because it replaces a crock pot and rice cooker. It makes yogurt too bonus

  2. I always wanted to know how many calories I was eating a day BUT had no idea how to count everything and split it up between all my meal preps. Thanks for the my fitness pal suggestion!!!

  3. Hi, Zach I was just wondering how long it took you to lose all your weight? I'm thinking about trying to loose weight myself or maybe some day.. lol 😬

  4. Hiiii can you maybe do a video of your meal preps when you're preparing your meals for the week? 🙂 i live for those kind of videos. I really need to start meal prepping myself!

  5. Zach and Jordo upload videos and I show up. It's that simple. We constantly getting schooled. Thanks guys 🖤 ALSO: A ZACH COOKING SEGMENT WOULD BE BOSSSSSS!!!!

  6. Great vid. I have never thought about using a grill to batch cook it is ingenious. I have really benefited from using pressure cookers, and baking sheets.

  7. This was super helpful.Thank you.Im going to be meal prepping for going back to work after I've spent time off on maternity leave.

  8. I don't meal prep. I just pick fast meals that will take up to 40 min to cook, and something I don't have to watch every second, so I can do other things in the meantime :o)
    But great tips, Zack! XD

  9. I have the same problem with rice! That's why the instant pot was a game changer! Also, I don't "meal prep" either…I batch cook and make extra of whatever I'm cooking already….just more convenient for me!

  10. Rice has always been so easy for me! Equal cups water to rice…bring water to a boil, add rice, pull pot off the heat and cover and just let it sit for like 5-10 minutes and your golden!

  11. Minusing out the scale is so smart. Fuck. So simple but very useful. I weigh the spoon. Zero the spoon out. Then scoop. Genius up in here.

  12. Yay!! Hurray for a new video!! Love you and Jordo!! You’re both fabulous. I needed this video today. Hope you do more soon!!

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