How to lose weight with this water – Lose belly fat in 4 days



  1. I do it for a week now prepared at night put in the fridge by morning it's ready😊 except mint bcz hard to find it here in Philippines market😊 I also drink first in the morning fresh ginger tea😊

  2. I take lemon tea twice a day but my weight has remained the same for 3months now. Maybe I shld add in ginger and cucumber.

  3. This looks interesting. I'll have to try it. Do you start out with hot water or just room temperature water? Also, would I drink 1 glass before each meal for 4 days? Thank you.

  4. Hello,
    How long should the cucumber be infused in water?
    Should i remove the incredients after one night and store water only?


  5. Hi,I am your new subscribers . I'm from Bangladesh. I went to know how time I can drink this water. 2 or 3 times and Before breakfast or after breakfast! Please tell me details. Please please please….

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