How to lose weight fast, easy, and with no exercise



  1. The most important change if you want to loose weight is -> STOP EATING PROCESSED FOOD ! …There is so much garbage in it, and it has a lot too many calories for what you get. There is too much sugar and fat in it and a lot of other stuff you never would put into any home-cooked meal. There is really no argument pro processed food. Since i stopped eating processed food – and some other little changes similiar like Kelly did – i lost about 40 (!!!!!!) pounds. Another very good argument against eating processed food is, like Kelly told – that you entire body will thank you for it: you will feel a lot better, healthier, more energized, and so on.

    I also recommend to leave 5 – 6 hours between your meals. Just eat enough to feel really well with it and then leave 5 – 6 hours: No Drinks with sugar, no snacks in between, etc.

    Anyway i am not a diet-specialist, so check out for yourselves what's good for you 😉

  2. Great video. Now you say bread an germany its bc its mostly whithe bread an does nothing for your body. In denmark we have really good an healthy Rye bread.. When i startet My job 2 years ago. Bc to lunch i also eat whole cucumbers carrots an red Peppers 😂 not many in denmark so that though. So i got the Nickname "gnavere" wicht is the danish Word for the bread like rabbits hamsters an so on 😂… But I need My one beer after work 😂 its something i will not miss

  3. This is exactly how I eat. My husband laughs at me because I love munching on unpeeled carrots. Just give them a wash and they are go to go!

  4. Wish i could loose weight so easy.
    Even as my wife died, i just lost eight pounds. Seems like my body won´t give away anything it gathered once.
    320 pounds on 6 feet hight…

  5. I worked out today… then went to get some fried chicken. It's so easy to fall into the habit of feeling like you owe yourself a cheat meal after exercise.

  6. I've just lost 3,5kg in less than a week with no exercise. I only drink water and I haven't eaten more than like three small mandarins a day. Not recommended.

  7. (Recent) studies have shown that sports does not (significantly) increase the amount of calories your body needs in total. Except you're an athlete who does extreme amounts of sports. When exercising normally, the body will withdraw energy going to other body functions in order to fulfil the muscles' energy demand. The daily total of necessary calories will not change. Losing weight just by doing sports is therefore nearly impossible. And then the "treat because you did that 10km run" even increases the amount of calories available and if this is more than the body needs you will gain weight.

  8. Ok, you are right to eat lots of veggies and fruits…..but am I supposed to eat them before ….or after dinner? 😉

  9. Its kind of strange, because i imagine that there is very few places in the world where food is so extremely available as in USA.
    Still most Americans i see or talk with have about the same relationship towards food as a man that have been in a desert for a month and almost have starved to dead and then start to hamstering food like all food in the world could be gone the next day.. lol

    When it comes to weight, it is simple, you need to use as much energy as you put in.
    Still as you point out, there is negative and positive energy you can put in. If the food you eat are made in a fabric, it is bad, if it is natural like in the nature, it is good.
    Its as simple as that.

    Its good to see you have a healthy European body again. 🙂

  10. Congratulations for the weight loss. I saw on you recent videos, you eat pretzel and you also have a toaster on the kitchen counter. Could you make a video how do you keep your weight. It seems you have found some way to be in good health.

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  12. This video is much more valuable than 99% of diet books.
    On the other hand, it is so logical and rational that it is a wonder we need to explain this to so many people.

  13. You cut out bread AND beer? So, that's why you had to leave Germany. They kicked you out…! ;D

  14. I lost 15kgs just by water fasting once a week…. very easy. Also, if you cut the fruit ahead of time you lose all the nutrients…. you need to cut when you eat them. But overall that is the spirit, you only have good food choices around you therefore you can't make bad ones.

  15. Great! This should be common habit and be taught in schools. Did this years ago, thx for reminding me to dial in my diet again. Grüße aus Hamburg!

  16. Great video, I love it! I’ve did this mind transformation eating thug , then I had kids lol. Things changed drastically lol

  17. Well, we're definitely not going to be a love connection because I eat 100% processed food or at restaurants, but you are correct, exercise does not make you lose weight. Eating less food makes you lose weight. And you will get used to black coffee, just not Starbuck's black coffee which tastes like a*s. And stop drinking alone. Nobody likes a drunk chick. Congrats on your weight loss.

  18. Kudos to you, Kelly, for losing the "excess weight" you wanted 🙂
    for the following I am speaking from my personal experience and mindset, i have no background in "dietary science" whatsoever.
    I lost some weight too in th last years and every time i see someone saying "easy" i get goosebumps, because it isn`t.
    Changing habits is hard. Changing habits that make you feel good (like eating is for me) is harder.
    But changing your diet is the only sure way to lose weight. Making it a lasting change (at least for a big part) is the only way to keep off the excess pounds.
    You changed your whole diet, which is neither easy nor effortlessly! It's effective, it's (to some degree) neccessary but NOT easy.
    You do not need to deny yourself everything you loved before, just cut it back. Way back, yes, but eating Bread with Marmelade or Nutella (or PBJ) on sundays for Breackfast won`t hurt your diet, but it will make it easier to abstain for the rest of the week (same goes for chocolate and sweets).
    Again, that's from my mindset and my experience. Everyone is different, there`s no way, that works for everyone in the same way or with the same effect.
    Please don`t read this as a rant, these are just "my 2 cts" 🙂
    I think your tipps are valuable and work (dong some of this myself). So keep doing your thing, and thank you for letting us have a peek at your life 🙂

  19. Kelly, how did you substitute your bread? I mean what would you have for breakfast? I need ideas…

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