How To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg in 10 Days | Winter Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Winter Diet Plan Indian



  1. Vicky Vicky Vicky…I could see my Santa in you …N yeah summer bodies r made in winters 🎅😇♥️

  2. When we make butter from cream at ma'am at home and after that water is left so like milk so can we make paneer from that milk which is left after making butter from cream please let me know is it good for health

  3. Mam my weight is 59Kg I want to loose 12 to 13 Kg
    Which diet will help me please help me mam🙏

  4. Hi Vicky rocks-
    How are you?
    Generally people ask to shade fats from belly,lower abdomen, hips,tighs, fat from back etc.
    But No body ask to shade *FATS from shoulder and upper Arms *
    I am suffering from this alot .
    Please please make a video as how-to loose fats from arms & shoulder as it is very difficult to bear those fats .
    Please its a humble request to you .

  5. Mam recommend a weight loss drink for feeding mom but then I feed morning n evening alone since I work…

  6. Hi Vicky, im going to start this diet plan straight after xmas but i have about 5 stone to lose so what do i do after the 10 days, im a bit stuck as to what i should do in the long term to keep losing the weight. I love ur videos btw.

  7. Vicky : can i also take milk tea (2 times)
    On the other hand i make sure i am brisk walking daily 5 kms

  8. Hi Vicky.. How are you doing? Happy to share the news to you that I have delivered my baby in september .. Its a boy..Had gone through c section, And have been in recovery for these 3 months.
    Was eager to check with you what diet can I follow after this?Before getting pregnant I was still in heavy side was 80kg , had mild polysistic in natire right ovaries , irregular periods and during pregnancy I didnt gain much as I kept walking during last month gained fastly and reached 90kg. But now I am back to 80- 82 kg. I really want to lose weight as well as do want my milk supply high. Please help when you have time.

    Also suggest use of horsegram powder, cumin powder, fenugreek and some other herbs if required

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