How to Lose Arm Fat FAST || Tighten and Tone Loose Flabby Arms



  1. You technically cannot flush fat dear fat is not water-soluble

    It is important to drink water to keep yourself hydrated

    but it really doesn't do anything else
    that's just a myth

  2. Nice video!
    Warning to others, if you are not used to exercising at all, do not overdo these arm exercises or any exercise in general. Maybe instead of doing the 10 or 20 reps that she said in the video, do 3 or 5 instead. You don’t want to overstrain yourself, especially if you’re just starting to do this, or are using weights for these moves.

  3. I love this video!? ?I was just wondering if you need to do stretches before these exercises? And if so do you have a video for it?

  4. I love that you simplified this it specifically helps people like me with bad knees that cannot do floor exercises. Lol but those headphones are bigger than your head! Too cute. Thank you for making this doable!

  5. This is a great help for me. These are easy to do and I know I will have great arms again very soon!
    Thank you for the reminder!!!

  6. Nice, positive lady sharing lots of useful tips, the nose ring is a distraction though and speech is way, way too fast.

  7. Excellent video, very through! I appreciate the exercises, nutrition tips, discount code on the scale and list of products.

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