How to increase efficiency of training?! PROPER CALISTHENICS WARM-UP.



  1. Very good information, but CaliMove just did it time ago, but is very beneful to plus additional info.

  2. Thank you Artem great advice. Be in control of every exercise. This could also be a great beginner routine to strengthen the foundation. Love your work Artem ✌🏾😎🤙🏾🙏🏾

  3. Personally I don't warm up I train trough the day. That means every 20 min one Set of planche or what so ever.
    I know it's stupid but I am streching out every day. And I realized that my progress is much faster cause of better muscle recovery by contrast whit warm Up und no streching afterwords.
    What do u think about this training method?

  4. Cara, não entendo nada de inglês, mas entendo o que voce passa. Seus vídeos ajudam muito. obrigado , abraço do Brasil

  5. Your videos are very informative and educative, I'm sorry that you are not more famous, people don't know what are they missing. Keep grinding😉

  6. Great tips! Proper warm up is very important and still lot of people don't warm up at all, or they are doing it in a wrong way.

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