How to Improve Your Relationship with Food – Teal Swan



  1. 1. I don’t like it. I eat too much sugar…I fear food…like what’s in it.
    2. As a kid foods made me sick. That’s the only thing I think of when I think about the root of trauma around food… But maybe it was only fast food…maybe it would not have been that way if I had home made meals.
    3. Food is art…I like that! I would really like to try those preordered meals where I pay & they send all the ingredients. But with that I’d also love for someone to cook with me. Imagine I’m in a gallery at the grocery store, restaurant, or when someone cooks for me. I like that. That makes me feel like I will be more conscious of the ingredients I pick for my food, and when others make it for me, more appreciation for all the ingredients. I also feel like this will create appreciation for ALL foods I eat, “healthy” or “not.” This will change the thoughts I have about all foods which is awesome!
    4. Mindful eating. Set a time frame for how long I will spend eating each meal.

  2. My partner and I both love cooking. What I am fortunate about is that my partner is actually a farmer. He loves growing his own food. Before I met him, I never really had a close relationship with food…but now I know where garlic comes from, the fresh smell of it, how nice it looks in the soil and how empowering it is to pluck it out from the soil and know that it is truly fresh. I stil have a hard time with my weight, but it honestly made me more healthy when I started helping my bf grow food.

  3. Amazing wisdom, terrible sound! Please, Teal, re-make this video or give us a transcript! Plzzzz (A fat lady from Greece :)))

  4. I was on intermittent fasting for 2 weeks now.. And thought that it would make me spiritually open.. And every time I ate, I felt kinda guilty about not starving myself more.. And this video shows up as recommended for me… 😄 I'm surely under the care and observation of source consciousness..
    Thank you Teal. Indebted to you for my evolution.. Guess I'm still a toddler..

  5. This video was very good. I am a survivor of annorexia, not a problem with it now. Just gluten free as most of my family are, and i m now vegetarian becoz it just happened. I love animals too much to eat them? I have realised thru this video my FEAR of spuds. My ex would stand over my shoulder and pick on me for peeling the spuds wrong way, or wotever he could make up about spuds to pick on me for? Im terrified of potatoes, i have fear of the spud. U made me realise this? Thank you. Im gunna get over it now, its mashed spuds tomorro night. Gravy too? No ex over the shoulder. U r a good teacher Teal. Always a message in your truth talks. 🍋🍉🍓🍌🍋🍉🍋

  6. I don't have a good relationship with food. Almost everything I eat, results in indigestion and gas. I hope after implementing these steps I will have a good relationship with food and able to enjoy food and not worry about my indigestion. Thank you so much Teal, for this video. I am so grateful to you <3 Peace and love always

  7. I dunno. I would love to cook and eat all day and eat bunches of sugar cakes cookies , rice and oil but every time I courageously indulge in my dream something happens and its so hard changing those beliefs. I got dermatitis in my face and now i cant eat most food groups except 4 items. or i feel i will never heal. It all sucks. Because EVERYONE i know or see (except teal) has acne or moles or are fat or disfigured and i know its for food. I allso quit smoke (but i love smoking) i quit watching horror movies to heal my mind but now i dont even like anything. Those were my 3 passions its like im in the wrong world with the wrong universal laws

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