How to grow your Glutes at home. (No equipment)



  1. I had a pretty intense hip surgery and i became very flat.. Thank you for making this! It really worked! My recovery is going great now! 💖

  2. Doing this for a whole month! I’ll try to post daily updates!!

    Day 1 : I never exercise so this is a bit of a challenge for me although it is a lot easier then other workouts I’ve tried! While doing the exercises my knees are in a lot of pain and feel very week as soon as I finish a exercise I feel like I’m gonna fall over 😂 but I do feel extremely good after and really motivated to keep doing the exercises!!!

    Day 2 : i feel like today was worst it was harder for me to do the exercise because I’m sore from the day before my head was also hurting but I did them anyways so I think that was part of the reason, I can’t see much change but there is a little bit of a difference already!

    Day 3 – today was the 4th of July I was gonna all day and didn’t get home till late it’s ok anyways cause it’s good to take a rest day

    Day 4 – really wasn’t feeling like doing this today but I did it anyways in my photo you can definitely tell a different my butt grow bigger everyday! Seeing these fast results makes me wanna keep doing it even though I wanna quit this is the longest I’ve lastest I usually do the exercise once and then give up but not this time!

  3. y’all i just started this today after doing some other workouts and i’m telling you by the 2nd exercise my legs felt like JELLO. and when it got to those glute bridges my shit felt like an earthquake lmaooo. definitely could feel it working and i feel great after finishing. i’ll try and update but great workout !💕

  4. I did this like 4 times in a matter of like maybe 5 weeks cuz I'm lazy but I do see a difference and if u ain't lazy u could prolly get a bigger butt in 2 weeks

  5. Come on, ladies!!! Less than 10 minutes, no weights, no workout equipment, no gym, no more putting it off! This nice, young lady has made this so easy for us, and all we have to do is just do it! The only thing standing between us and a beautiful, round booty is ourselves! Let's go! Right now! We got this!!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  6. I’m definitely starting this tomorrow your body is 🔥🔥…. I used to be fit like this in college and have a 10 month old I need this

  7. i tried this an my legs started t burn an dan i was like hell nah girl how u do dat shii i was breathing so hard i aint even fnish it lol. but your body is nice gurlll

  8. Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little like Cardi B (face)? BTW girl your body is BANGING HOT 🔥🔥

  9. Janaye Penn I love your routine, beautiful woman you are…I love your yoga mat also, where did you purchase it?

  10. Ima try to keep y’all updated!! :))
    Day 1: this felt great tbh! I already feel sore and my ass is hurting. 😂

  11. Luv your vids and only one I work out along with out if hundreds!!! Do you have b4 n after pics? Would love to see them plz! Thanks hun 😉💪🙌

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