How To Get Under 8% Bodyfat Naturally



  1. Happy monday everyone! I know many of you like this casual, unscripted "walk-and-talk" style video, and honestly they're much easier for me to produce, so I figured I'd go with one of these talks this monday. Anyway, I've got a new Pull Day Science Applied video on the way Thursday and then a few vlogs in California after that. I hope you enjoy the video and I'll see you all soon!

  2. Why would you even like to go under 8% bodyfat naturally? And in case you would, just use gear to save yourself the inhuman trouble of doing so naturally

  3. 1. Start your diet on maintenance for a week.
    2. Cut back 200 cal for the next 2 weeks
    3. Cut back 400 cal for the next 2 weeks but put in 2 refeed days per week where you are in a slight surplus, say 100 cal.
    4. repeat 3 but introduce 30 min cardio every workout day and make it 4 weeks
    5. repeat 3 but bump cardio to 45 min and increase the refeed to 200cal for 4 weeks
    6. Get on Keto to maintenance for 2 weeks and switch training to heavy weights low reps no cardio
    7. Repeat the above but with keto

    May take a while but you will have consistent weight loss without feeling sh1tty or too sh1tty cuz pizza is better I know.

  4. what happens when you claim natural in all the videos and then come out the closet in a later video about using the needle. what a joke.

  5. alot of these doods take TRT and clenbuterol to get shredded with there diet plan they aint natural.

  6. dexa aint very accurate. subtle changes can skew results. if he sat there throughout the day and got retested, he'd find different results

  7. He says light shoulders and he’s pressing 85 lb dumbbells. Insanity.

  8. Just don't understand the methodology you use to help him get under 8% when you say in other clips that it's all about the calories…

  9. Lol, no comments about that Canadian "aboot" 2 seconds in? Hahaha love it. You're amazing Jeff, I love how you support every claim you make with real scientific evidence from academically published articles! This is my biggest problem with other trainers on the internet, making claims without supporting evidence, leaving me guessing "Is it real?? Does it work?? Which is better?" Keep it up, and thanks for all you're giving us!!!!

  10. Love your videos! Super amazing from a videography perspective having the clips from the workout over the talk – keeps the audience engaged. 🙂

    May I ask you a couple of questions?
    In the rowing exercise you added a rubberband – obviously to increase resistance but why not just add a plate to the landmine?

    And: I noticed in some of your videos you’re doing a “walk and talk”. Is that because you’re increasing your NEAT or are you actually going somewhere and just using the time? 🙂

    Again: Love your content! Never stop!

  11. So after doing the math of 30g carbs, 250g protein, and 50g carbs we’re looking at just over 1,500 calls… Jesus fuck

  12. The reason your friend lost 4 pounds within a week is because when you reduced carbs to essentially 0, the body got rid of all glycogen reserves. There are about 500 grams stored in liver and each gram binds to 3 grams of water. So that is where your 4 lbs came from.. mostly water weight.

  13. I'm a guy about 175cm/5.8ft, 166lbs/75kgs, 25% BF. Trying to enter a daily deficit of about 500 calories, by doing keto + OMaD + 1 HIIT session + 5 sets of pushups + 5 sets of different abs exercises, everyday 6 days a week. How long you think till I get to 15% BF? What do you think of dry fasting btw?

  14. Surprising that you don't count fasting as a method, could be really beneficial at this low fat% stage.

  15. Jeff really said “ppl thought Alberto Núñez was at 3-4% bodyfat “ hell nah bruh just getting to 5% is stupid shredded, most bodybuilders have never even gotten to 5% and are usually at around 6-8%

  16. I have reached 11%, trying to go below that is way too much suffering. You will lose sleep because of hunger cravings but then you will have trouble getting up because the body is just exhausted. It's very unlikely an average person can do it naturally. A few people can push it, but the average natty is just lying and taking SARMS (Ostarine, Cardarine, or Ligadrol) or Clenbuterol. By the way, the Clenbuterol is just as bad, constant sweats, shakes, and brutal insomnia. There is also T3 and Frag-4 which each have their own risk. Worst part is that your mind will be in haze and unless your meal planning and timing are perfect, the mind cracks(moment of weakness) and you will binge eat crap almost involuntarily. Only after you refuel do you regain focus and come back to your sense, but by then the damage is done. Coffee is mandatory because it will suppress hunger and appetite, but again a double edge sword if you have to much or are using inn conjunction with Sildenafil or Ephedra. P.S. not only can you OD on Silde and Ephe, you can also easily OD on caffine power!

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