How To Get Rid of KNEE FAT (Quads Workout for Women!!)



  1. Love this. Started a lil today. Starting full force tomorrow. Thanks for sharing 👍💕

  2. Why all people in videos about knee fat or saggy knee exercises wear long leggins so we can't see the results?!

  3. Hi, thanks…can you please do a workout with me like my trainer coach so i can follow you and we are together ! Thank you so much! I am Francesca from Venice-Italy .

  4. definitely have squeeze in time over the weekend to do that leg killer workout.  3 rounds. wow. Those smurf jacks look fun! Love your workouts. Do you have a video on how to firm up the Underbutt??? that is one difficult area to tone.

  5. I like these kinds of exercises, because I don't have weights or go to the gym. Squats are usually to light without weights, but these are great.

  6. Can you please come up with a video about your weekly workout routine or something. And maybe how to manage a home workout routine. Thanks

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