How to Get Bigger Legs| Best Bigger Ankles and Calves Workout (leg workout for mass gain) 2018



  1. With the elevated calve raises, stand on some scales. I was looking around to see what to stand on and noticed

  2. My legs are really skinny. It looks like toothpick…I’m trying so hard to get thicker legs but it’s not working

  3. I love being the skinny person I am giving the fact that I want to be a model and I have a nice shape….but I would like a little bit of something on my thighs….but I don't have that huge white girl thigh gap tho ?

  4. My legs are very toned but thin.. The calves just don't increase

  5. My ankles are big..but my calve connection to my ankles look odd cuz my legs are skinny lol. So i have big feet, big ankles n skinny legs lol. Since my ankles are assuming my legs will grow. My mama have nice big legs but she use to be skinny as a stick when she was younger

  6. Hi I have a strong leg and it looks like man legs what should I do for my legs to be sexy and straight soft that u can wear shorts pls help me.

  7. Hii I m from india?not only i have skinny legs my whole body is skinny i am of 22 year people tell me that i look like children i rly feel very bad actually my digestion is low please help me out i will b very grateful ?

  8. I have thick thighs but my calves are slimmer so it doesn't really look in proportion to the rest of the leg. Someone please tell me if this workout really does make your calves bigger

  9. I did the tiptoe sqats and I saw in the mirror someone behind me doing it too. We talked after clasd and she said she did it because she saw me doing it. I told you somebody was gonna bite my style.? Its cool though. We're all gonna be fit. ??????

  10. Hi Abigail, do you do personal training for lower leg building in the US?

  11. Hi Abigail. How heavy should the weight be in the first exercise? Brilliant workout- thank you. ?

  12. My ankles are very skinny and that's the only part I'd like to build muscle or fat on, will this video help with my problem??

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