How to Get Bigger Biceps (5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making)



  1. Please help, even when I'm lifting light weights and in correct technique, I'm still experiencing my delts take over from the side. My posture is correct bit it's still not working for me. Most of the time I'm not able to get a contraction, no matter how light I lift. Even heavy it doesnt work. Help me out. My biceps are good and fairly big, they just dont get a contraction anymore, my right doesnt but my left does.

  2. The part about letting other muscles take over due to horrid form is literally me these past 2 months, ive gotten huge trap muscles now because of my shitty curls and stuff completely on accident but I only want bigger biceps

  3. Question:

    When i train my biceps I'll do a number of curls, high weight to failure and especially incorporate drop sets to failure, only thing is after some of these sets my biceps are past the burn phase and I can't even feel them at this point they get engourged with blood(and then I'm afraid to work them after that); I'm making great strength gains(150lb barbell curl) but they CANNOT get sore no matter how hard I work them. any suggestions for a fix?

  4. Great tips bro. Developed biceps are always fun to show off with a sleeveless shirt or a tank top. So if any chick starts staring at them, you could always say "excuse me miss, my eyes are up here…"

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