How To Get A SIX PACK FAST In 2018! (THIS WORKS!!)



  1. Easier way, hmu at the corner of 47th Avenue I could hook u up with some shit that’ll get u ripped. (We try to conserve the Earth so we Reuse and Recycle our Needles ♻️)

  2. Hey man sorry but i dont like yr body …it is less aesthetic , try to gain some weight and u will have a better body

  3. hey wait but there is difference between weight loss and fat loss……….which one is this??

  4. Guys seriously… just get to 8% body fat then you will see your six pack it is that simple. You will need to restrict your calories and diet. Done. sixpack. No need for scientific-quantum-physics-explanation why are people doing this so complicated?

  5. Step 1 should have been to eat right and cut the crap, but helpful video. I will use this in the spring when I start cutting. I'm bulking right now.

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