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  1. Thanks for the great video. As a beginner, would you recommend 8-10 cycles to begin with, then increase up to 15 over time?

  2. Damn I did this after weight lifting, I almost fainted. Im planning to do this every after my resistance training to lose some fat 🙂

  3. When doing HIIT, you need to be using 90-100% of your overall effort during the sprint. If you are able to push out 15-20 sprints per session, you are either not using 90-100% of your overall effort, or you have no business watching these youTube videos because you are clearly the most fit person on the planet. Going at 90-100% for 20 seconds with ONLY 40 SECONDS REST IN BETWEEN is ridiculous and not possible. the rest period does not matter. it could be 1 minute. all that matters is that when you are sprinting, you are hauling fucking ass and not just staying in your comfort zone. I see a lot of comments here from people who clearly don't do HIIT properly.

  4. I have done this a lot and see why I gained weight even though I do the same 20 mins hiit, not like before I do 20 mins hiit everyday with bike I sweated a lot and lose a lot of weight. It turns out it is extremely crucial that you increase bike resistance to the near max or your hiit session won't make you sweat. I advise against doing hiit in the form of running because your liver and spleen will hurt because of all the impact that the ground does to your body when you are running, besides running is low resistance hiit so it will not get you to max heart rate.

  5. Will i lose weight if i do this everyday? Is it healthy to do this every day?

  6. I do this twice a week. Just finished one and can’t grab my feet for a quad screech. Haha. Good stuff, Muscle Brand.

  7. Hate this skinny little bloke. Recycling well known training and nutrition facts. Most of which have been around longer than him! Certainly no expert!!

  8. I like to do half an hour with the last minute of every 5 cranked up. The legs almost go from under me when I step off haha but that’s the idea; sweat heavy purge toxins and improve cardiovascular system

  9. We love the stationary bike. It’s a great low impact workout and thanks for the ideas to include some HIIT !!

  10. Great short video. Not one of the videos where someone needs an ego stroke by focusing on their body. Great job!

  11. This was the best. Short. Precise. To the point. Thank you! I hurt my knee from over doing it on the treadmill. Been on a break for a couple days. I'm going to try this now and do some knee strength work. Just subbed

  12. when i do this im not sitting down but standing up and have a high resistance and lower rpm! Is that wrong?

  13. If I want to train with hiit. how long can I stay in the gym? I mean an hour it would take me to do this training?

  14. I just did this workout and it felt awesome. did 15 cycles and rest was level 5 and max was level 10.

  15. Hi Joe! Just read your book, it's inspired me to get back in the gym. I had a quick question, i've tried different protein shakes for as long as I can remember & in your book at the back your workout plan is filled with protein shakes as snacks.. Do you have any recommendations for tasty protein powder that doesn't require milk?! Cheers!

  16. Thank you for this video! I was doing HIIT on the treadmill, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for only 15 minutes. But I have hips, knees, and feet problems that are always interfering with my workouts causing me to take days
    off all of the time. I decided to switch to an exercise bike but I had no idea what the form would look like during the high intensity parts. Thanks!)

  17. i did this for 20mins it fucked my legs up im walking like im drunk im not even over weight

  18. You have taken over uncle bens! You PHONY! Next advert you'll smear yourself with shit and say 'I'm joe wicks and now I'm even more like uncle Ben'

  19. Hi, love your workouts. I am not sure where to ask this but I have developed some form of runners knee. Whenever I do heavy load on my knee mostly the cardio ones since they are composed of very knee heavy exercises i have this light pain which I dont want to became problematic maybe this is because my knee isnt used to the exercise but I don't want to risk it. But I dont want to stop either since I fear I might not start again. What exercises do you suggest that are knee light to put in the cardio HIIT. Thanks in advance.

  20. Thanks so much for making this! I've had 3 hip operations in 2 yrs (2013-2015) and I still have trouble with both hips. I've been doing the other HIITs and alternating exercises for low impact ones but I still end up with 3-5 days of pain and discomfort. The only exercise I can do comfortably to both keep fit and regain strength in this area is bike and this has really helped. Thanks Joe 👊

  21. Did this for the first time today and it worked bits of me I didnt know I had!! I feel so empowered by doing these HIIT sessions, totally converted, losing the tyre slowly and feeling great!! Thanks Joe!! Mx

  22. Very helpful. Did on Saturday – you can download a HIIT app to to setup the warmup, push and rest period and cool down.

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