How to Choose the Best Pre-Workout ? For Beginners & Advance



  1. Very helpful video, thank you 😀 Please make a video of all ingredients and more and more videos like this.

  2. Dude..I love your you've are awesome your PDF helped me a lot .. you are great 👍👍👍

  3. Need to know about main ingredients of preworkout make a video..
    And also talk about bcaa or aminos acid profile what is imptnt

  4. If possible prepare a video on full stack of essential supplements one should have and how to check authentication of each.

  5. Sir , i have purchased Citrulline malate seprately and i mix(6-8gms) it in my Pre workout supplement

  6. When are u going to do video on correct form for bent over barbell row? Plz also do a video on difference between full deadlift and rack pull? Because people dont consider rack pull as deaflift as it is not lifted from the ground..Do it still have same effect on lower back?

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