How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Simultaneously (3 Science-Based Tips)



  1. You have the best fitness channel in youtube.your videos are always backed up by scientific research.

  2. lol I was listening to that audio book of Elon Musk earlier today doing meal prep

  3. I read a 2012 study which studied the study of a previous 2009 study which looked at how many studies there are that study other studies. In that study , they found that for 99% of the studies that they studied, another study can be found which contradicts the original study. Although, a different 2014 study studied the effects of too many studies, and it found that all of this study talk starts to sound like study overload at some point.

  4. im still in my first year and i recently decided to cut all sweets and junk food except 1 day of eating out with family. I also added cardio of some form to everyday of training. Its been working well so if anyone wants to try it go for it

  5. do i calculate how much calories i burnt during my workout? and if thats the case do i eat more calories?

  6. What does it mean "max 0.7% weight loss per week"??! If I'm 90kg, than 0.7% is 63kg! I don't think this is what you meant to say!

  7. Does anyone know anything about bulking while Intermittent Fasting? I'm just enjoying Intermittent Fasting way too much to return to a regular eating period. The mental benefits and stable energy even before eating is just amazing.

  8. I do not know why is it important to bulk, and why is it important to eat more calories and getting fat.

  9. the comparison pics are a joke. the before is shrunk down and after is blown up. they should be the same height and they did not appear to be

  10. Wait so if I eat 2000 calories in a day and I burn let's says 200 calories a day what is my overall calorie deficit?

  11. That moment when you have 19% body fat but at the same time you have the same belly of the guy that has 30 to 34 % body fat

  12. I'm a regular viewer of your videos and really enjoy them. After what happened to me when drinking protein shakes, I do think the fitness industry needs to highlight what happens to our body when we have excess protein. I was recommended to drink protein shakes. I took the recommended two servings a day and found that I lost muscles mass and gained fat really quickly. After making the link to the protein shakes, I stopped drinking them and after four days, I lost 1.5 kg in fat and gained nearly 3% muscle mass.

    There is a real missed opportunity in fitness advisers working with nutritionists, so we can really see who needs to increase their protein intake and who doesn't. I believed that I needed to increase protein intake because everyone who talks about it claims our diets are naturally lacking in it. In my case, that clearly wasn't the case and I only eat two meals a day. Only after doing my own research did I learn the effects of a high/excess protein intake, so I would argue this is something that should be highlighted when discussing protein intake in future.

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