HOW TO BALANCE ON A TRIALS BIKE moto-trials training techniques



  1. Heh, I'm sending this vid to a BMX pro who just got a pit bike ( I hate 'em ). Hopefully he'll change his mind. ;¬)

  2. Hey Barry, how hard did you find riding a Trials bike when you started? Did you have any experience with them before you got into cross training?

  3. I am thinking of getting a trials bike to help with cross training. What brand should one look at and at what price would you expect to pay. I know nothing about trials bikes.

  4. Some say balancing should be made through movement of the handlebar, not the whole bike. Maybe that's a different technique? Have a look here

  5. Just picked up my first trials bike last weekend – a 1994 Fantic K-Roo 249. Have only taken it down the street so far and boy, does it feel different than seated riding! Haven't had a two-stroke since 1976, either. So this is my foray into trials riding at 57 yrs old. Thanks for your informative and humorous videos!

  6. I've owned a trials bike for two days, I'm struggling with the gears and clutch :/

  7. does the weight of the bike make a big difference?  would it be better to start out on a light bike?

  8. How fit do you have to be for trials biking?

    Is it necessary to already know how to ride a motorbike first? I've only used a mini-moto, it didn't even have gears.

    My brother started recently and I think it looks fun, but I don't want to waste his time by not even being able to ride normally…

  9. Thank you very much, from an older guy who started riding a trials bike later in life.

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