How Often Should You Workout @hodgetwins



  1. i just saw these two at the gym here in vegas. this is my second day back to the gym. i am whipping myself back in shape. i was doing a deck of cards workout when i saw them walk by

  2. Ok so doesn't matter what split u do but how exercises for each body part are you post to do and how many sets

  3. Hello i started working out last week, i hit my Upper body MW and TTH lower body, friday is abs and sat. is Cardio, and sunday only is my rest day. Is it ok?? Thanks a lot!

  4. yall gnna be rusty at first but i think break was necessary. come back strong, i need my daily fitness advice. maybe start a new channel monetizedtwins for them cash gainz.

  5. Just eat, hit your free weights n pushups makin all kinds of Gainzzz you dont need the gym

  6. I wasn't making gains until I started working upper and lower body more than once a week. I now workout upper body three times a week and lower twice a week. So upper, lower upper, off, upper, lower, off. Since doing that – I've seen all kinds of gains.

  7. I unsubscribed from this channel many years ago due to injuries and depression that prevented me from working out, but now that I have recovered and started working out again, it feels good to be back here watching these videos. I missed these two guys.

  8. I wish this video was louder, can hardly hear the audio over the clatter of weights in the gym I live in. Cuz. Gains.

  9. when you guys gave them fame they did not need to train and that shit is bullshit they look like shit all that fast food trash yea i said it. How you have a gym and dont train in it.

  10. My question is how would you split up days and body parts … meaning what muscles groups to do together twice a week

  11. We dislike the food videos! Go back to the basic bitch backdrop with the genuine fun loving brothers that clown on each other and make funny faces at the beginning of every video. Seriously! That's your brand!

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