How Many Sets Are Needed to Maximize Muscle Growth? (Ft. Brad Schoenfeld)



  1. Let's say 10+ sets per muscle group means enough volume for big muscle groups. Than which working sets we should take in account? Only final sets in exercise which is done to the max – failure. Or it can also be let's say 3rd set of 4, which is really heavy but it is not your failure set.
    Let's say 4 exercises per muscle group a day, 4 sets each. Than it can be only 4 working sets. It means if you train 2 x week, you reach only 8 sets per muscle group per week.

  2. here for week:

    shoulders 24sets
    biceps 18/24sets
    triceps 30sets
    legs 22sets
    back 28sets
    abs 16sets
    chest 32sets

    for me heavyer/bigger the muscle, small amount of sets.
    exercise in 3×8-10 or 4×8-10
    abs only supersets with no rest
    legs in 4×6 for quads 4×10 harmstring isolation
    calves in superset no rest
    chest 4×15 for exercise with 60%rm

    day on-day of module
    a b c program
    1h of training for a/b twice a week
    30min for legs twice a
    30/50sec between sets
    (90/120sec between legs sets)
    2/3min between exercise
    3/6min between different muscles

  3. Very good. Very sensible stuff that totally fits with my own twenty plus years of experience. I am currently doing around 24 sets per muscle group per week but am also at the intense end of my current cycle.

  4. 6:43 – so after week 6 you do a deaload and after that week you change your routine and get back to low volume with that routine and work its way up to a higher volume?

  5. How about individuals that need to gain strength without gaining mass i.e. boxers or mixed martial artists??

  6. I usually do 4 exercises per body part, made up of 4 sets with a rep range between 6-12 depending on weight lifted.
    But there's always those days when it's time to add in drop sets to failure.

  7. I think a lot of this stuff is on a case by case basis. One person will benefit from this regimin, another person will benefit from doing twice as much. I know that in my case, if I want to grow my biceps I have to include bicep sets in every workout day (4x a week). I know that sounds crazy but it's the only way I see any growth. When I do the usual recommended amount, like 10-12 sets per week, I see zero growth. None. It's like I haven't even begun to activate them and it doesn't matter if it's high weight low rep or high volume low weight. I'm not a hard gainer either. I think another thing here is just the sheer time it takes. A lot of guys who become muscle training gurus have spent like a decade exercising, making every mistake in the book, but the fact that they've been going at this consistently for 10 years is probably the most important contribute to overall growth. I find it very hard to believe that doing anything for that long will yield zero results, provided you're eating enough and always progressively overloading your workouts. I also think a lot of the "science" here is superfluous. Perfect form is crucial, but in terms of weight, sets, reps, that stuff seems to change from person to person. And finally, from what I've seen and my own experience, it seems like genetics plays a far bigger role than people give credit for. Look at Mike Thurston. He looked like a cut male model bodybuilder before he started lifting. His natural physique looks like the physique of a normal person who has bee training for a decade. So to add some muscle onto an already perfect build isn't rocket science and what's fucked up is that these genetic freaks go around promoting their courses and books and completely mislead the average guy who wants to look like that. No one is going to say "yes, I spend 4 hours a week in the gym, but the reason I look the way I do at this age has more to do with my genetics than anything else", because if they did they wouldn't sell a single course or book.

  8. This sounds great but I'm confused on the set per muscle group per week? So does this mean working out 3x a week, etc. sorry I'm new to the gym and all this information. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it

  9. Hello jeremy, great interview n superbe content plus a great study doctor schoenfeld

  10. I didn't understand please help;For example: 'chest' I do (5 exercise of 3 set), so totally 15 sets. OR 1 exercise of 10+sets this is the concept. I think you told the 2nd one. please reply bro

  11. So if you want Max muscle gain you do 18-20 sets per muscle per week for 5-6weeks and than a deload week?

  12. So far, out of all the people I've talked to, videos I've watched, literature I've read, you have explained things in the easiest to understand terms. Not to simple and not to complex, good job!

  13. Funny how no one mentions or talks about diet, macros, rest or goals…not in the video or in the coments…You can train the shit out of your muscles,if you aint feeding the proper nutrition and amount including rest,doesnt matter what you do….you will get nowhere!!!!!!!

  14. I am not sure how this channel has almost 1.2 million subscribers when it provides a scientfic and complete information about the gym.

    You deserve more than 1.2M subscribers

  15. As an endurance athlete I find this hard to comprehend. Doing only 10-20 sets of per week is too low regardless of the weight I lift…

  16. so im guessing 48 sets a week is too much for chest/back/legs i dont understand because i feel ok after it am i still overtraining? (feel ok by next workout)

  17. The only issue: What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? You can't do any sets without energy. Building muscle requires food.

  18. I have a problem with my arms . I starded bodybuilding before 3 months but my arms got any progress they are the same size . I did fullbody 3 set / day for each muscles but my arms had no progress and i ate 180 g protein a day . I don't understand why they still the same PLS HELP ME . My motivation is low now.

  19. I don’t get it. Sorry for my noob mind. I train 4 times a week. 2 times upper body and 2 times lower body. So for example i’m training my chest 2 times a week and when i train my chest i mostly do 3/4 exercises with 4 sets (benchpress, incline, flys and maybe cables (for bottom chest). That’s 12 tot 16 sets per session and 24 to 32 per week. Am i overtraining?

    Edit: is it better to spread out the exercises per training session so do 2 exercises on day 1 and the other 2 exercises on day 2? Please tips because i want to train as good as possible!

  20. Doesn't the amount of sets u have to do just depend upon whether the area ur training is either composed of type 1 or type 2 fibres

  21. I am totally confused now!
    Example. I work 2 times for chest a week.
    I do 3 exercises for chest.
    Each 5 sets 8 to 10 reps, with the first set aa warming-up set.
    That would make a total number of sets for the chest only for the week a number of 30 sets !
    So does it mean I am over exercising my chest and will I have less growth in muscle size regarding a 20 set work out for a week?
    Please Help!!

  22. To those asking about overtraining and what the message of the video is…

    This is one video focused on volume in respect to muscle growth and overtraining for trained and untrained individuals.

    Here's one bit though.

    Hitting a muscle multiple times per week allows for multiple events of hypertrophy, neural adaptation, and protein synthesis. The intensity used in each of those workouts will dictate the levels of those 3 dependent variables. Intensity and volume are slightly hand in hand, but are both independent variables.

    Given that, experiment at your own will. Use a pull up bar and hang. If you cant hold it for longer than a minute (given you have avg grip strength) you may be over training. Or you may not hit numbers (lbs or sets or reps) like last week and be noticably exhausted.

    Otherwise, don't overthink it. Science is an average of everything. Outliers and spectrums exist.

    Do your thing, take notes, adjust. Rinse repeat.

    Jeremy is giving you guidelines or baselines. You will vary from them. You dont go to college to pursue a doctorate in english math science and history.

  23. Hey Jeremy this video/interview was excellent. I love the way you support the video with graphs and key points during the interview for all the viewers. Thanks man, great work.

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