How Laura Prepon Lost Weight Naturally Without Going Hungry



  1. I doesn’t eat fast food or drinks only still water
    Not really eating too much but I doesn’t move a lot cause of physical issues but I’m gaining weight
    I gained 20k just in two months T-T
    Doesn’t take any medication or supplements
    Really devastating for me

  2. That's nothing new about this is was just called freezer cooking I've been doing freezer cooking for years

  3. Doctor Oz looking at Laura a little too lustful ,his wife better watch out ,I think a Dr.Oz got a roaming Dr.Feelgood …Lmaooooooooo

  4. What’s the recipe for that almond bread. I need to eliminate bread from my diet 🥺

  5. Agree abt good effects of stretching..i do it daily nd feeling better day by day..specially doing yoga ..

  6. Why on earth I need a book to tell me to eat vegetable and healthy meal? This is a joke!!

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