How Jane Fonda looks so young at 80



  1. I don't care how good she looks. She will always be Hanoi Jane to those who served in Vietnam and for us who don't forget.

  2. The ONLY star that looks like HERSELF after a lift. GREAT SURGEON!!!! LOOKS 30 YRS. YOUNGER. WOW !!!!! TO her.

  3. An appropriate exercise regimen, proper nutrition, maintaining optimism (very hard to do), and chiropractic care are the keys to unlocking youth! Jack Lalanne is another example of the benefits of doing all this. I would say genetics have somewhat of a role in how one ends up looking.

  4. Jane Fonda on 8/ 8 / 2019 crashes a private dinner at EL Coyote Cafe on the night of Sharon Tate's last supper a very grim anniversary. I'm shocked that Jane Fonda still for many years zeroed in and made her unwanted presence the focus instead of the Anniversary of Sharon Tate last meal and her murder to follow.

  5. I’ve always loved Jane Fonda ever since I was a teenager and saw her in “KLUTE”. Another favorite is “THE MORNING AFTER”. She’s always come off as extremely intelligent and talented. She’s ageless as well.

  6. And who is the shaven sasquatch lookin freak that is interviewing her?. He looks like he has one chemical peel too many or, I don't know. He looks terrible

  7. Just finished watching grace and Frankie, amazing and can’t wait for season 6! 80 newer looked so good ❤️😉 and oh you really do like martinis 😂

  8. Whaaaat???? 80???!!! 😲
    What an amazing, beautiful and WISE woman! And she has a healthy gut and enough Vitamin B12! 😘👍😍

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