1. I wanted to watch this video but I can not continue listening to her talk about herself and just continue to ramble on and on. This is useless. I'm sorry.

  2. sis i can relate so much, im not even 5'1 and just hit 140lbs and am freaking out lol i know its because i get taco bell at least once a week with my bf similar to what you said lol, thank you for this motivation!!

  3. This gave me some motivation! I’m weighing at my heaviest 160! When I was normally around 145. My goal is to weigh 130! Being 5’3 I’m looking pretty chunky myself. Tired of feeling self conscious of my body.

  4. I joined the army and went up to 142! Omg I felt heavy before I joined I was 122! I’m trying to get back down to 120 I’m 130 now and I’m vegan it’s so hard. It the carbs man being vegan you really on carbs

  5. I'm 5'3 the most I've weighed was 150 that was 4 years ago. I'm currently maintaining 115-120lbs for 2+ years now. It's so hard to cut out cheese! 😂😭

  6. How many kilos do I need to be I currently weigh 93 kilo I was 107 last year so I am.making slow progress will I be too thin at 70 kilo or which kilo will I look okay

  7. We have the exact same body type. Same height , same weight peak. The fat grows around the same areas… I am definitely keeping you in my top watch list. Thank you!

  8. i’m obsessed with that lip color on her… it looks soooooo good with her skin tone and hair color.

  9. Nutella on a banana that is my favorite, but I don't understand how you can eat that and still were losing weight? Greetings from Deborah from the Netherlands!

  10. oh my god SODA IS A LITERAL DEMON. i haven't had a soda in almost 2 months and i feel so much better. i actually ordered a tea at sonic and they mixed mine up with someone who got a coke and i actually wanted to puke. it is super hard at first, but the weight will fall off after you can give those up. even having just one soda a day can be detrimental and can add on an extra 4 pounds a month with all the calories and sugar. and remember,, you body is not a garbage can. don't put trash in it.

  11. Freezed banana, freezed strawberry, granola, almond butter, vanilla protein & almond milk, it’s amazing!!!

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