How Fat Are You? The String Test – BBC One



  1. BULLSHIT. The BBC is dangerously promoting this "new and improved" metric for determining obesity related health problems. Like BMI, this is just mathematical. Each person is different and should undergo a VARIETY of tests to determine how at risk they are. Simply saying your waist and height proportion is enough is lazy, sloppy, DIY quackery. I am not saying that if you've got a wide waist you should not be worried. I am saying that medical, biological tests and examinations are the only true ways to assess an individuals risk – get checked out by a good DOCTOR, not some old biddy with a string. BBC is tanking year after year!

  2. Same rule for male and female? (Oh darn, I forgot there is no male and female these days.) Well ignoring that… same rule for all age groups? I guess so since they didn't indicate any difference, but it would have been nice if they had mentioned this explicitly, rather than leaving us guessing.

  3. This garbage test is nothing but a BMI test. Guarantee you that a body builder with 4% body fat will fail this test. It might be a good guideline for "normies", but it's as reliable as BMI, which isn't.

  4. He was wearing and shirt and a t.shirt and the string touched, how come he's borderline? That was a bit rude of her, and not accurate.

  5. reversed my eating habit and have lost 9 kilos in 2-3 months still losing main meal at lunch lite tea sleeping doesnt use up what youve eaten

  6. Is she serious, she is undoubtedly fat and I guarantee she would fail the test herself. Anyone get a look at her midsection, the black isn't hiding anything.

  7. Far more sensibile than BMI. Still doesn't explain the 'thin' people with high volumes of fat round their internal organs though (because apparently they do exist).

  8. Since when was your waist measured around the middle of your stomach?? Someone's been wearing their trousers wrong if they think that's a waist measurement!

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