Hosts lose it over 93-year-old's raunchy joke



  1. Like my 76 year old dad said, “at my age, there’s two things you can’t trust: an erection and a fart.” God bless ‘em.

  2. Really??
    A little bit too late dont ya think?
    Seems Utube are fuckin me up with faults…FUJCK U !!
    U TUBE !.
    Going to be a lasting Romance:"cunnilingus"Going to be great.
    As long as my teeth dont fall out first !.lol
    As U all might know.. when u get at that age,, You take what is given until the time runs
    All the best!!
    (what did she say)? can not understand.

    And if the News Group are sincere… Pay for all Expenses !
    What ya All think??
    If I lived in the US… I`m sure i would have attended even if I Crashed the wedding Party…lol

  3. I came to see the joke but who’s laughing?! M not! That was one heck of a wedding and a beautiful story! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Wow…I used to say you'd have to tie me down and tape my eyes open to get me to watch that programme…NOW…I cant get enough of it, I'm even watching it on YouTube. Just to see you guys with your perfectly on que, feigned "cracking up" pretty much sums you and the programme up.

  5. I think 90-ish is the perfect age to get married….for the first time….the absolute best.

  6. no joke was made. it is sad that a human being's expression of sexual desire is considered a joke because of their age.

  7. My great-grandfather remarried when he was 92 yrs old and his new bride was 89 yrs old. They were married on his farm under a trellis of roses that he claimed were as old as him. He out lived her, she passed at 94 and he lived till he was 102. I just ran across a certificate from the Gov. of Ohio congratulating him on living to be 100 yrs old. I guess you are never too old to start a new chapter.

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