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  1. I used to hate doing legs now i do legs 3 days a week n feel like i can kick a horse to sleep lol

  2. Its amazing how much love he gets once he gets smaller, all you bitches in the comment section was hating like a muthafucka when he was real big

  3. Every generation has their heroes threw their time span…for example(The Rock , Steve Austin , Kobe Bryant , Muhammad Ali , Mike Tyson…the list goes on and on , listen the point is that yes he probably was taking some substances that took him to next level but he used what ever it was the right way like calisthenics and cardio…Kali IS STILL the biggest guy that walks in the gym in today's society!! Hands down , I'm not talking about height I'm talking about muscle maturity , and proof is shown now . Look at him…his muscles are still there , he jus cut his calorie intake down tremendously . Like man if u didn't see him in person at his biggest then u see him now………….give that man his respect!! Fuc if u don't like him , son could get big shrink and get massive on us .

  4. Given how small your legs are this video should be titled "What NOT to do when training legs"

  5. This charlatan is drug made. Get him of gear and let's see where he gets with all this idiotic blood pumping routines. The reason why he says you'll get injured with lower reps is because he has no idea how to properly do exercises. This guy is straight up fooling everyone. And if you're mad at me for saying it then you're mad at Kali.

  6. I havenโ€™t stopped in to see a vid in a long while. Loving the format. Keep being motivated and motivating others. Good seein you, Kali…the real you.

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