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  1. Thanks! Those are great! Found you through Elle for Living! New subbie! Love ya….Vicki

  2. You are such an inspiration to me! I've had 2 cervical and 1 lumbar surgery so I have to be careful with choosing my exercise. You are looking so good!!! xoxo. Cindi

  3. Great job Kathy! It's fantastic how much you talked about good form. It is so easy to injure ourselves if we don't have good form. When I first started kickboxing, I did not get great instructions on how not to hurt my shoulder. I actually like the Weight Workout more than the cardio! Though I used to love the treadmill until my knee replacement surgery and both my surgeon and my physical therapist said no more treadmill. Broke my heart! LOL 💋

  4. Hi, just found your channel. Can you please tell me how many times a week you do your arms, legs etc… and you do cardio how many times a week, thanks

  5. Hi Kathy I found you from Elle,I loved your work out tips .You are awesome and motivating.

  6. Thank you Sweetness you have inspired me to kick up my exercise routine. I would love to have you as my trainer! Thanks for the motivation! Hugs!

  7. Hi Kathy…well I came over from Elle.  Can't believe I didn't know about you…I know I'm going to love your channel and I can't wait to see more.  xoxo patti 🎀

  8. Loved this. So real. Doable. All your videos are so in touch with your life Not one big sell job.

  9. This was perfect! I do Les Mills body pump at my gym and I love it!! I love group classes at the gym and for the social aspect too like you said! You are super fit and such a great motivator! This was fantastic! xoxo Shaz

  10. I workout at home, but Cathe and Les Mills are too intense for me, I’m more a low impact, intermediate level. Your workout ability is very impressive! I work out with Jessica Smith, she has a channel and Dvds/digital. She’s wonderful for older women, and great for beginners. She has marvelous form tips. Thanks for mentioning googling form tips, so many people don’t do that and get injured. Yeah I’ve strained my shoulder with overhead presses lol. I don’t have a box, too hard on my knees, but I have a Firm Fanny Lifter, I found it at the thrift store. I don’t work either, and probably should join a gym for socialization!

  11. Hi Kathy great video I really want to get back in better shape this year and you are such an inspiration, you look fabulous and thank you so much for all the the info, you would be a great personal trainer, those arms and shoulders girrrrl!!💕💕 I'm playing catch-up with YouTube today I won't bore you with a comment on every video, but I always watch and👍, much love, have a great weekend xox💜

  12. Well look at you, I will have you make my own video for me to try LOL But I think at home is great to do for those kinds of exercises, and I have to say when I first met you on here. I noticed your arms and how well sculpted they are, so what your doing is working amazingly! Love you and I enjoyed stepping into your work out, and what you do. xoxo, 3

  13. I love your workout! I Enjoyed this video, I love to work out with my son, I have always loved to work my body, To see how far I can Go.. Thank you for your Motivation, You are AWESOME! Happy Friday My Friend

  14. Girl, you are a Samurai Warrior. I mean, look at your SHOW GUNS! 😄(Get it? Show guns? Shoguns. N'er mind, lol.) If we could bottle your energy, I'd be in line to buy some. It was so fun just to see the energy you have as you showed us your routine. It's rock solid. Great suggestions, very practical and effective. Now I just need to get back to full-on motivation. You go, girl. And you would be a GREAT personal trainer (the lady I babysit for is doing it; she incorporates spiritual health as well, love her.) Have a great weekend, gorgeous friend. Love you bunches. xoxo Peace! ~TONI 💜🌺💙

  15. Kathy! Great video! I am always wanting to do "something" with my arms and just don't research "what" to do. You have made it easy, nothing fancy, just get to it. Love this, thank you! I'm going to get my arms sleeveless ready and keep them that way! You are my inspiration!

  16. triceps pushups are my favorite. i do 200 push ups a day even when i go to the gym. i’m addicted lol. great video beautiful ❤️

  17. Kathy,  I just wanted to say thank you for getting me excited about working out again with weights.  I have always loved weight training.  Love you and watch you all the time.  Where are you from originally ?  Keep up the good work.    Diana

  18. Hey Kathy!
    Yes! There are so so many great workout videos on youtube! It's so helpful. I love to follow yoga videos on here.
    Thanks for showing us what you do at home!! Very helpful!
    Loved this video hun. Hugs xo

  19. Oh my goodness, can I just "walk the plank" instead???!!! You make this stuff look so easy, you could be an instructor. You've got beautiful arms & shoulders! I used to think Angela Bassett had the best lady arms/shoulders in Hollywood.

  20. This was great, Kathy! I love working out at home, and you’ve given a lot of ideas and inspiration. 😘

  21. This was so sweet of you to do this for us. Very informative. You are so beautiful inside and out. I love you tons and tons!💕

  22. AWESOME Sis, this is a GREAT help, and I love how you gave us all these links!!! you have done SO MUCH work for US!!!! THANK YOU!!!! You have given me a lot of incentive, WOW!!!! Interesting that you like to go somewhere to work out, I have an amazing workout facility not 1/2 mile away (paid for by HOA dues) that I no longer use. What I don't like is signing up for the different machines and the 1/2 hour limit on the treadmills and bikes. Also, during the flu/cold season, I worry about all the germs. Yes, I am somewhat of a germaphobe, lol. And not much of a social butterfly either, so I am happier working out at home. Anyway, LOVED this SO MUCH, you are truly AMAZING!!!!
    I know you will Keep looking UP!!!

  23. Back in the day there was a workout called "Body Pump" put out by a lady in New Zealand, I really liked it, I've never tried the Les Mills one, though I do have a number of Beach Body Workouts, my fave is Chalene Johnson. I also just recently bought the Challenger bars have you heard of these? Such a great workout! You look amazing so you must be doing things right!

  24. Kathy you are awesome ,these are such great exercises … I’d have a difficult time doing most of those …..
    That side plank is hard to do …
    I love the weights lifting up from your sides but I only use 2lbs in each hand , I also like the lunges …… I do some yoga to strengthen my back
    Great tips Kathy ,thanks so much doll for sharing
    Love ya xoxox

  25. Great video girl!! Thanks!! Looking forward to incorporating some of these at home😊

  26. Kathy I love you!! You’re a hoot! You make Everything Fun!! You make me feel like working out 🏋️‍♀️ and that’s an exploit in itself!! Lol!

  27. Hi Beautiful, I loved this. I so need to be working out. You are so uplifting ! Thanks for sharing with us. 🌹

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