home workout challenges – adorable puppies



  1. This surprise me a little bit, you were always so strict about safety, you know this can be dangerous for you and specially for your pet, doesn't look like a good idea.

  2. Hello I had seen one of your videos 3 years ago and you are still on the grind
    Dude you are amazing f__k the trolls you are 60 years old and have a healthy body I WISH when i get old to have a fraction of your definition in that age

  3. You have the lower body and you have no upper body, you got a problem building…wait a minute. You have the upper body, and you have no legs, you got a problem building your legs. You have the upper…you have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, the upper body, it is easier to build. So if you have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, it is easier to build the upper body. You have the upper body and you don't have the legs, you got a problem building the lower body… No, you don't understand. You have the upper body, but you don't have the lower body, you got a problem building downstairs. You got the up- legs on the bottom, it is easier to build on the top, so you don't have much as a problem.

  4. Scooby you are such a inspiration, and I absolutly adore you and your work ethic! Im not gonna say this cuz of ass kissing but your physice never seases to amaze me and always when you mention your age, My respect too you coadrouples! Jesus man! Your such a inspirstion and the living proof of what many people dont Believe, that age just is a fuking number that we people in western civilazation are obbsessed with! You are in an unbelivable shape! And I only have respect for you! Above the haters the sceptics the its not possible sayers, and the heaters you soar like a beautiful bald eagel! I Love you brother! Fuck the people that critisise you and fuck my bad spelling to! (: if you ever come to Sweden let us know! You are always welcome! Youre a beast of a man and thats scares the insecure haters!

  5. One more question? Is there any reason you speak German and vacation in Germany, Austria so often? Claus still genki? Are you of German origin?

  6. I liked your video on training as one ages. Being able to adapt and keep at it are the keys. Everything seems to get harder with age, eh? But I liked your idea of making friends with an older person and learning from them. Nice.

  7. Thanks. Have you ever considered getting a PRP or stem cell injection for sore joints? Have you done any research into them? Any opinions on the treatments to share? Thanks again.

  8. If you ever transition into just making cute dog videos I would fully support that

  9. hi scooby i want to ask you if you know about a workout for trans girls, or if you know somebody that does?

  10. Nothing like seing a huge, sexy body and an adorable little pup at the same time.

  11. Hey man I saw your pull-up video and you seemed like such a genuine person wanted to check up lol glad your doing good brother stay blessed 🙏

  12. My big, 20lb cat always gets on my back when I'm doing push-ups. He knows he's making it harder for me. 🙂

  13. Hey, just wanted to thank you for helping me be proud of who I am in one of the toughest times I had, thanks

  14. my kids jus jump over me , so iI make weighted pushups and planks. the challenge is that both of them sum up to 45 kgs.

  15. Hey scooby, real question, if the dog started to take a dump right by your head, would you immediately stop and clean it up or would you finish your set..

  16. Oh my god Scoob I can relate so much to this! My dog is always wanting attention when I work out, especially on my weight bench, it can be frustrating because it throws my sets off but I always cave in and play with him, also i always make sure everything is secure like the plates and such because he likes to go under and around the bench sometimes and chill, a safe pup is a happy pup!

  17. Hey I'm not willing to work on my physique and I demand you to sell me supplements that don't work for exorbitant prices that give me instant results

  18. I remember my dog (Bordeaux dog passed away few yrs ago) walking into my home gym while I was working out.
    The look on its face: WTF…?
    Should have had it on vid. It was sooo funny.

  19. When my oldest pup was a puppy, she was always in my weight room when I worked out. I called her my workout partner/coach. Between sets she would come and lay on the pad I had on the floor for Floor Press. I would kindly tell her that it was time for my next set, and she moved until I got up, and then she kept the foam pad warm while I rested.

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