Home Tricep Workout (You Can Do Anywhere)



  1. Is it just me or are tricep extensions so hard. I think they are one of the hardest to do

  2. Not even a month, and I can almost keep up with you 🙂 Guys, get going! Push through the shit and you will be victorious!

  3. HI PLEASE HELP….I'm a 14 year kid who can not even do push ups properly I can't seem to do any workouts properly and I don't have money to buy protine supplement etc….. Your help would be really appreciated

  4. Anyone else get elbow pain from skull crushers and shoulder pain from cross tricep extensions? I'm replacing them with PJR pullover and extra diamond pushups

  5. For those of you who are more advanced and are looking to build muscle rather than cut them just do all of these at a slower more controlled rate. You will feel the tingling sensation trust me.

  6. Remember. If u do this.. ur punch power more powerful but ur punch speed so slowly.. 😉

  7. Bro you always tell the most unique exercises, with help of your youtube channel I started Callisthenics


  8. Am I the only 1 that felt like my long head was no longer part of my arm durring the bench dip cus this shit dont feel natural

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