Home Dumbbell Chest & Tricep Workout (FOR MEN!)



  1. hey man! In this video I have a complete home chest and tricep workout for you. Comment below and let me know what you think of the workout. Would more of these be helpful?

  2. Just bought the course, looks good! As a man of 54, I have let myself go these last few years, too much alcohol, too much good food… I used to be pretty fit and muscular, not big but muscly, I just look a mess now, looking forward to working out again.

  3. Hi Mark. I enjoy you're show. You have inspired me to have a go at the workouts you thoroughly demonstrate & explain.
    I have a long path to travel to get where I want to be but with the content you present it'll make the journey a smoother & more efficient ride along that path

  4. Hi Mark I have just turned 60 and retiring in 6weeks,. Haven’t trained in 25 years can this help me to gain a level of fitness.

  5. Cool!! I can't wait to buy this program☺️ Hey there Mark, what price will this program of yours be at Christmas?

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