HIIT & AB ROUTINE! 8 Minute Workout To Help You Lose Weight



  1. i first saw this video last month and i’ve been going to the gym and doing it even since and lost 10+ pounds

  2. If I do this religiously everyday, then when can I expect to see results?

  3. I just finished this workout and it was great! It was super fast and heart rate and respiration is definitely up. I love how effective it was for such a short workout and all the moves were totally do-able. Love your work out sessions Whitney! And it would be so great if you did them in real time too. But at the same time it wasn’t hard to just pause and re-wind this video throughout the workout so that I could follow along with it.

  4. I absolutely LOVE that you include so many modifications so people of all abilities, ages, and fitness journey levels can participate 💕 love the thoughtfulness. Health is for everyone!

  5. Thank you for the ab workouts in these! I can’t normally do the ab workouts lying down because i get back pain but now i see more than doesn’t involve me lying down so there’s less back pain haha

  6. I died lol I couldn’t do the mountain climbers, yet!! BUT!!! I just brought my knee into my abs to kinda get a lower crunch!! I’ll get there though!!!! Thanks for this video Whitney!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. So motivational!! I seriously have wanted to give up but you help remind me to feel human and not beat myself up!! Thank you! Love your videos

  8. I been watching you throughout my whole fitness journey… about a year now, and I just love you! These short videos are everything… i love this idea too… so I might incorporate this w the jump roping…

  9. Thanks Whit! I appreciate the modifications. This is my second cardio workout of the new year and girl my face is sweating and my abs are crying lol.

  10. That was so great! Really got my heart rate up! It didn’t feel in my abs as much as I expected tho! I’d love one that hits the abs even harder.

  11. Holy guacamole is right!! I think I almost died and I didn’t even do the full 40 seconds. I’m gonna keep at it though but ouch! My heart is still pumping hard through my chest.

  12. This is my first time trying the workout and damn you killed me and I loved it! I’ll definitely add this to me workout 💕

  13. I have a sore spot on my spine from an epidural years ago and rolling my back on the floor aggravates it. I give up ever being able to get my abs in shape because it seems the only exercise I can find is planks and that can get pretty boring but This video is extremely helpful in not only strengthening but shedding fat as well Also, your modifications help when my asthma is a little out of control and the jumping can be too much, you’re a Godsend ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Sooooo good I’m like dying right now lol and thank you for modifications!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. I really liked this video! I appreciate you showing the modifications. Sometimes it's hard to get discouraged when you feel like you can't do a work out but instead of stopping the modifications were right there!

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