1. What a fun workout! I still can't get the knee-ball-knee (or whatever it's called) in the third combo. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I've just tried this for the first time. I usually stick to the step routines, but I thought that as I felt a bit knackered, I'd go for something a bit 'easier'. Not so 'energetic'. A bit more 'sedate'. Oh my days, don't let anyone tell you they're ANY of those things! My heart rate was up at 160bpm and I burnt 200 calories! I guess I'll be Marching Round America, as well as Stepping Round America. And all from my living room here in the UK. How I LOVE America! x

  3. Jenny, the tribute to your dad is so moving.  I know it's been awhile and I've done this video many times.  Always touched by that.  Should have let you know sooner.  I'm sure he was a wonderful man to create someone like you.  Big hug.

  4. I love your workouts! So far, I have found one to blast through every plateau. They offer the perfect amount of increase in difficulty – enough to feel but not discouraging. Thank you!

  5. Knee ball knee is great! And I love the music! Especially around the 12:05 mark. My new favourite Floor workout!

  6. loved this! I do love doing traditional aerobics…making it a challenge to learn the routine. was dripping with sweat.. thanks Jenny

  7. +Jenny Ford Day 23 !!!! YoooooHoooooo !!!! <3 Was wondering . since i am coming to the end of this 30 day challenge , can i move on to another 30 day routine at once ? Or should i take a break ?  What would you recommend ? Thank You So much !!!! For everything !!!

  8. I say it all the time……I LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS….however I know need to buy a step. I have been doing your marching and toning routines as I threw out my step about 15 years ago…..do all of your step videos actually need a step….or can some be done without? Thanks again….on to another 😃

  9. I really like this workout, but I didn't think you gave enough practice on the "heel knee back." I had a hard time getting that down.

  10. Absolutely love this routine, especially the music in Combo 1. Perhaps you can make a step routine with the same music or something similar to it. Music always makes a workout routine more enjoyable.

  11. Jenny, I absolutely LOVED this one! I have already tried Hi Lo Cardio 2 but I thought this one was much more interesting and had more energy. I will definitely be using this a lot to alternate with your step workouts! This was just perfect for me! I love the workouts that take me a few times to catch onto because it keeps me interested.

  12. this was great for restarting workouts after times of laziness! hope i will lose weight…

  13. Thanks Mita! Appreciate the feedback as always! Working on some more toning workouts as I type this. 😀

  14. The music is so good in all the videos, makes the workout more fun. Your videos will become my go-to videos for cardio going forward. Please mix them up with some strength training as well. I loved the toning video.

  15. @silvia zanella — Oh wow, you are so welcome. What a great thing you are doing for yourself, by working out. So happy you chose to workout with me! Good luck with finding employment. =)

  16. Thank you Jenny for your videos. I'm unemployed and I can't afford a gym right now. Greetings from Italy 🙂

  17. @deb8997 — That is wonderful! I LOVE hearing comments like yours. That is one reason I put my workouts up…to help people that can't necessarily get to the gym, for whatever reason. Thanks so much for letting me know! =)

  18. @XYX40 — Awesome!!! Really happy you found my workout, and that it was what you were looking for. =)

  19. @CzarnaOwca89 — I bought it from a contracted musician. So glad you like it! I can put you in touch with him if you would like…. let me know.

  20. @Heather Hansen — Oh my!!! I love hearing stories like yours. Congrats on losing 35 pds.! That is amazing!!! I am so happy that you lost so much weight. That is fantastic! Please keep me updated. I would love to hear how you are doing. Your comments were just wonderful, made my day!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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