Hardcore Full body workout | Are full body workouts just for beginners?



  1. Great point about full body for everybody. Question about volume though with only 3 sets and set 1 and set 2 usually body weight or a lighter weight even though your 3rd set is heavy is that enough to make strength and size gains. Thanks again KP. And I think your right about too much volume for full body is rough. I was doing great doing overhead press twice a week and I thought to add it on my third day along with incline bench and while I was benching I tweaked something and now have ease off for a week or so.

  2. KP! Because of you I turned a few of my friends on fullbody workout and they say they never felt better and are seeing better results. I wish everybody understood.

  3. Good music in the baclground, but your voice cant hear to well in this video. Did you use differrnt mic?

  4. People actually said that? Every single intermediate/advanced powerlifting program I've seen has you doing upper and lower body exercises on the same days.

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