Hannibal For King Exclusive Workout – Full Workout | Raw & Uncut | Body By Chosen



  1. This cat is awesome he's one of the people I look up to when it comes to strength and fitness, he's special! even his finger nails are strong! you know how strong your nails gotta be to be that long and not break doing the shit that he does, they should have cast him as black panther he actually has his own built in claws lol

  2. Is it me or does your boy Hannnibal remind you of Beerus from Dragon Ball Super?

  3. whats that big jail bird weight lifting cant do calisthenics doing with the king. he cant even lift his body weight.

  4. There are a lot of people on youtube who can perform the moves that Hannibal does but very few perform the moves with the Isolated precision and focus he does. Never if any swinging, swaying, or rocking in his movements.

  5. Marvelous routine, for those who are unable to do any of this just look at the body type
    that can do it, Hannibal has that slim physique similar to a tall gymnast, if you asked
    a powerlifter to do any of this he would be in the same boat as myself and other normal
    people. Nutrition, practice, rest = success.

  6. You said some could do 20 but not anymore. Man that hit home. I was doing 200 pull-ups in 20 mins and then I'd hit the weights hard and worked through the pain all the way up to my early 30s. Shouldn't have done that lol.

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