Hang Drum + Tabla Yoga Music || Positive Energy Music for Meditation || Healing Music



  1. This is relaxing. I like it when i am sleeping and when i am breathing so i can relax, even when i am chilling

  2. I love listening to this and picking out all the parts. This is the best hang drum piece I've heard. I go to sleep to it every night.

  3. i read LenYenJing learned that all reincarnation preparation via thoughts formation in different combination with /ar vr or working in different industry via interest mingling mutually haggling but somehow if this is out of purposefully scheme to pry to probe without coordination, not carefulness in attending integraty ethics moral or something…like lotus not in a tranditional way to grow, your birth will be disarray depends on all cleansing or not ….

  4. traditional chinese medicine practice in modern china regarding qi moving out of body with voices boasting of robbery what can you do about it

  5. I love this – so far I haven't gotten tired of hearing it, but more expanded in my heart and subtle energy channels. Thank you!

  6. This was wonderful. Absolutely amazing. The drum helped me pace myself and follow my intuition on what my body needs. Thank you so much!!

  7. Picture is beautiful, our eye wishes to see such thing. But is it fake. You can see that the photoshopped shadow on the left arm is not consistent with the other vertical round parts of the body. You can understand that the pose is not possible, because no way to keep balance. I think a trained neck would withstand, but that is not the question. And then you will read the ones who give it a name saying it is an existing asana, and say they can do it. blabla, they can tell, but nobody can show video footage of it. I would like to discover for myself how to learn not to be annoyed with the reactions of the ones who will tell (not show, not reason) that this pose can be done.

  8. I've got such an aversion to inversions that image makes me woozy, but want to be able to do it at same time. Good luck to me, eh

  9. Hi, where can I purchase this music from as I need to use it for my background video… Thanks

  10. Can we take a minute to be in awe of her balancing on her head?
    You’ll need extra yoga to relax your neck afterwards.

  11. I heard that loop on a lots of yoga meetings, so it won't be just a melody but a famous track. Maybe someone know the artist and track name?

  12. A year ago I used to listen to this every other night to sleep on a broken heart. Wonderful music to bring you to sleep in a positive frame.

    Now I come back to it here and there with appreciation. Thank you

  13. Finished working on an important presentation I have to deliver and was listening to this music the whole time. Didn't realized where time went and my mind was so peaceful and focused this whole time. Great music …loved it..!! Thank you ..!! So grateful <3 <3

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