Hands Only CPR Video – Live Training Version



  1. Instructive video but it forgets the ABCs, short for Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Don't use CPR unless the person isn't breathing. You can check this with a mirror or some other reflective surface. Place it in front of the person's face and if it doesn't mist up, then they aren't breathing. Check to see if the airway is clogged. If you find something blocking the airway, then try to fish out the object by forming your fingers into a hook shape. If the object is too far in, then it's time for the Heimlich maneuver. If you're checking the ABC's then the person is probably lying down. Check a video on how to apply the Heimlich to someone lying down. (It's probably a good idea to review how to do it for someone standing as well.)
    Finally, check their pulse. If they have no pulse, aren't breathing, and don't have a clogged airway, then and only then is CPR appropriate. People have been killed by someone applying CPR when it wasn't needed.

  2. I searched how to do crp to see If the videos would go straight to cpr incase they know someone is chocking

  3. Wrong teaching this man pushing at the wrong place on the chest . He should push below then it

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