Group Workout Serbia & Montenegro! Bar Brothers



  1. Be sure to read honest and real reviews left by users who have bought Bar Brothers on my blog before you buy. Go to thecbreviews. com/bar-brothers-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Merrill.

  2. Bar Brothers workout. Tutorial by the bar brothers. How to correctly perform a dip and variations.
    Link to movement video and 12 week program (barbrothersprogram. com )

  3. I have 12 years and I am in the family you have inspired me to get stronger and stronger before I was obese and my classmates teased me but now they are blown away and I never make fun of the fattest ones of me help them become what I am I now thank bar brother from the Italian association and the Italian community:)

  4. Montenegro is a cool place. I went all around Kotor, and Budvha. The people are cool and low key and the country is beautiful. If the plane ride was not so long I would go back every year.

  5. I want to see a collaboration, great motivational video;
    Bar Brothers and Vadim Oleynik!

    LIKE if you want to see this collaboration.

  6. trebate worldtour da organizirate i iz svake države ponesete jednog atleta u sledeću zemlju kao experiment

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