Great DRINK to Lose Weight FAST!!! Benefits of lemon Water Fat Burner and much more



  1. I started back on it this past week. Drinking waay too much ICED coffee.

  2. Going to give this a try My friend my stress level is thru the roof these days dealing with a lot stay safe and God Bless

  3. Thanks for the add bud so subbed you back great video looking forward to looking through your channel and seeing all your new uploads

  4. I add one tsp. of lemon juice to my vinegar and honey water in the morning. 😀 GOOD STUFF!!! Thanks Mark💓

  5. Awesome stuff. I have a lot of those problems and have been trying to find something to help with them. I’m going to try this out thanks again.

  6. Lemon water and apple cider vinegar water are both really good for you. I wonder if lemon meringue pie has the same health benefits? 🙂

  7. Thanks I started this a few months back and quit can't remember why. A new friend from YouTube was wanting to help me loose weight and fill better being I can't get around as much anymore. But I didn't no you was to drink room temp I always got water from my frig. And I added a sweetner so it wasn't so bla to drink. But I have one if them 2 gal water filters things had a spout yea don't add lemons I added alot to have lemon water all day it stopped up the jug was so mad. But also I think it went bad it would take 2 to 3 days to drink 2 gal or more. So I quit that ran out of lemons then they went up so havent had lemon water in 4 months prob. But I was gonna start again this month really need the help for boost and weight loose I'm filling so bad all the time and having Lupas I'm tired all day. I'm gonna add this to my weight loss play list on helping loose weight and I shared with 6 or more people I no friends and YouTube friends my Google Plus and face book. Now you said your doing that jug for the family. How many lemons would you use for that gallon and do you leave on the counter. Do you add any sweetner it just water and lemon thanks sir I needed this video. God bless

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