GM Diet Day 5 in Tamil – How to Lose Weight fast #MyWeightLossJourney #Detoxify #HealthyDiet



  1. Hi sis, na 4days successful ah mudujutan sis, 2.7 kg koranjurugu na 7to 10 kg koraiyanum expect panra sis athugu intha weight kamiya irugu…3days irugu pakalam… Sis enagu motion varala sis 4days ah… Ithugu Ena sis panurathu????
    20 min yoga exercise panra 40 min walk panra….. Iruthu weight loss kamiya irugu main motion varala sis pls solution soluinga
    I'm waiting ur reply sis😔

  2. Hi am ur new subscriber…my name is krithika..,…Today is my 3rd day GM diet but suddenly I got my periods early today so I continue my GM diet or should I stop this….pls suggest and reply me paaa🙏🙏

  3. I have completed three days successfully Today is day four. but fifth day la ragi chappati sapdalama sis..pls reply

  4. Enaku oru doubt yarachu pls reply panunga fds intha video la day 5 nadakuthu but lunch avunga day 4 lunch ithuthanu soltranga purila. And day 4 la break first and lunch eduthangala ilaya pls reply me😔

  5. I have a doubt I'm 55 kg can I reduce my belly fat if I follow GM diet. I have belly fat only that's y I'm asking

  6. Hi sis. Water adigama kidukanum adu ok but saapdumbodu adigama kudikakoodadu that is not good for health

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