“Get Snatched” Standing |Waist Shrinking Workout| with Tiffany Rothe!



  1. Totally addicted to this core video. 💗💗💗 What’s funny is I caught myself randomly doing some of the moves at work 😆 Your vibration is awesomely contagious 🥰 and makes me even more excited about this lifestyle change. #selflove

  2. HI, again! Your video is so useful. Everyday I practice with you but little bit difficult. I'm from Korea. You can see my TV in English.

  3. Geez you are getting hotter every day,i hope that one day you'll jump like that on my pole,and see them boobie up close

  4. This video + "Tutti Fruiti Waist and Booty" = Really good 40 min workout without once having to get on the floor!! or jump up and down — I have people below me that I don't want to disturb. So I've found that rules out a lot of cardio videos on here. But not Tiffany's! She's the best.

  5. Buenos dias Tiffany. Es la primera vez que voy a empezar tu circuito de 20 minutos para quemar calorias. Estoy muy motivada y espero realmente acompañado de una dieta claro esta, obtener resultados porque psicológicamente estoy un poco afectada. Asi es que a por ello!!!! Gracias por tus esfuerzos. Un abrazo desde España.

  6. Hi, I followed your new link. I saw your video 8 years ago. You looks more beautiful. Thanks to you, I have improved my workout. I watched and watched your video frequently while I was exercising. When you exercise your waist, I'll look at your video. Thank you!

  7. Hola Tiffany, tus rutinas funcionan 100%. Gracias por ser una inspiración para muchos!!!!!
    PS: Por favor repitan 3 veces el video, hay resultados!!!!!

  8. Nobody Is going to believe me lol but I do this 1-2 times per day and in 1 week I lost 1,5 inch in my waist !
    (I also am a low fat raw vegan so it helped a lot too lol)but still, this works!! Thank you Tiffany 🙂

  9. I know I can do this every morning before I start my day. I appreciate these fun workouts so much! I'm about to get my wsist a lil more snatched💪😓👙

  10. Great Tiffanny. I have never had a flat stomach since I was 13 though I'm not that big. I's it over for me? I'm 44 now.

  11. Thank you so much Your smile is always keeping me up with the workout. Amazing person <3

  12. Oh I really love your workouts! <3 you are the best of the bests trainers in the whole world! I'm "shaking" with you every day and really hope I'll get sexy soon. Kisses from Poland

  13. This is the first time I've seen one of your videos. I've never had so much fun doing a workout in my life! I've been doing pilates and cardio training for years but I never realized how out of touch with the feminine side of workout out I've been! I felt so disjointed doing simple hip movements, I could not believe it.

  14. I completlely LOVE this workout, so much fun! gonna do it on repeat!! Great one Tiffany!

  15. I'm gonna think im the one after this video! Thx my obliques need u look amazing!🏋️‍♀️

  16. Tiffany I need your help. Beem trying hard to lose weight and get rid of jiggly fat thighs and lower abdomen but nothing seems to work. Clean eating and exercising aren't helping as well. Please advise the most effective workout to follow. I have developed arthiritis in one of knees so being watchful of that too but your help is required. Please respond.

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