Get a Shredded Sixpack | Follow Along Calisthenics Ab Routine (TRY THIS!)



  1. Hey Guys. The quality is not as good as normal because I did't have access to my camera and I also didn't edit too much with this video so you guys can exactly see what I do and follow along. Goodluck👌🏼

  2. Thanx for this video I will definitely try this routine!
    One thing I think stands out with you guys is that your videos feels genuin and honest. Will be waiting for next one.
    Some thing I like to be improving is some explosive moves like push ups high pull ups. It whould be nice with a video of with a explosive work out 😊

  3. Can you please help me, 1) have 4 pack genetics so is there any point in doing lower ab excersises.
    2) I don’t feel my abs contracting when doing dragon flags/flies
    Thanks and great video 👍

  4. Ik weet niet of het lukt, but I'll try in english; how tall are you guys? I'm sixteen years old and 1,83m but I'll probably be around 1,90m when i get older, is that a problem?

  5. Wonderful video. Finally secrets of yours abs has been disclosed. Full of informative video. Thanks for such a wonderful video.
    Make videos for chest, back, arms, shoulder and legs too.

  6. Should we do the 3 rounds for all levels or just many time the round about a certain level

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