Funk-Trition: Lose Weight Fast with UFC Fighters' Diet!



  1. How do you know what weight you will feel you’re best at? I’m 5”10 170 20 years old. I’m kinda chubby at this weight

  2. What is your target weight the week of your fights just before you start your water load? Im fighting at Bantamweight for the first time my other fights were at featherweight.. Im 152 pounds now 8 weeks out from my fight.

  3. How do you work out how many carbs you need in a day for training (to the point that your still losing weight )? I need to drop weight to go amateur (a lot of fat) but I'm not sure how much I need to eat with doing 2/3 sessions a day.

  4. How much water weight does a fighter your size cut at fight week? I feel like smaller fighters have less water in their bodies to lose.

  5. can't believe he let floyd mayweather take his girl and disrespect him the way he did. should have stood up for himself

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  7. Take the advice of a Canadian. It is a Crime to not use Real Maple Syrup. Once you taste it you won't go back to the fake stuff.

  8. Really love the video I started doing mixed martial arts about 8 months ago and my starting weight was about 245 pounds I have now work my way down to 168 lb I've been talking with my coaches and I think that my first amateur fights should be at 155 when I do decide to compete in the future I've still got a ways to go before I'm ready to jump into the cage but I thought I would ask your opinion on this hope to hear from you and good luck in your next about against Brett Johns

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