Full Cardio Workout Class



  1. Wooww.. me canse con sólo verlo. Cuando me recupere haré esto definitivamente.

  2. Great cardio routine! I A bit difficult to understand your words throughout,the video. I just followed your lovely moves.

  3. Omg my challenge for next time is to not pause it three times during the first station to catch my breath 😂 maybe if I had gotten more sleep I’d have pushed through that part without stopping but nope!

  4. Hey guys! So some of you may not realize that I teach this class twice a week at my gym. I don’t call myself just a fitness influencer, because I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer with actual certifications and training. So this group of people that you see here is my cardio party mashup class. You can see that we are all ages and shapes and sizes. We also have men in there too. You just can’t see them 😉 this group does what fitness level best fits them and they never give up! So I encourage you to do this workout with us and work hard like they do! ❤️❤️

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