Full Body Workout Using Cable ONLY



  1. Wow this video was really helpful. Thank you so much. Btw this remix is really cool. Can i know what is the song name? I was not able to find same remix.

  2. Cable shoulder press
    Face Pulls
    Tricep pulls
    Bicep curls
    Cable squats
    Cable pull through
    Cable kickbacks
    Cable sidekicks

    3 Sets with 8-12 reps each

  3. U know the Iron Gym Door pull up bar… well- too hard- Pull DOWN bar n Handles….?

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  5. Hard work has paid off, but would be nice to have some narration behind what you're doing and how to do exercises properly.

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  7. I got a lot of good exercise ideas, plus I wish mine had the side trigger design like yours does for moving the carriage up and down, that is so cool

  8. I do some of this and I’m going to try the ones I haven’t done yet. Where did u get the pants😬. I started training 4 days a week and rest when I have to work

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