Full-Body High-Intensity Calisthenics Circuit Workout | Shredding and Burning



  1. Great workout absolutely punished my whole body but managed to complete in 48 minutes . My fitness levels aren’t great and I’ll implement this into my training thanks mate

  2. Really enjoyed this workout circuit. Going to fullbody vs split really helps with me and my hectic schedule. Prevents training imbalance.

  3. Adorian, you've done it again. I only got through the end of the first two sets before I was wrecked. I am going to work through the last three over the next day or so, and push on these for the next month or so, and see how much I can tighten this thing up. Killer stuff, man. Cheers.

  4. Great workout.. simple, intense and no nonsense as usual.. i hope you can make video about your running or hiking workout.. with details and information like your other workout vids.. oh yeah thanks for making this vid man..

  5. this was one of the most intense workout ever in my honest opinion.
    Background: been training calisthenics / bodyweight workout since late 2015 early 2016 and been a memeber of Old school calisthenics since the start.

    ive tried many HIIT / circuits in my days but nothing like this.
    i had to d 1 less round on 2 of the circuits cause i almost fainted and i had trouble breathing and my heartrate went to the roof.
    this workout both gave me a sick pump in all the muscles that were trained and i probably burnt decent amount of calories.

    for all those who will try this workout dont go balls to the walls and try to keep up with mr Adorian here he is a really amazing athlete and he is a real humble guy who can give all of you powerfull advice.

    so guy give this workout a go and hopefully you will almost faint as i did 🙂 hah

  6. Nice training environment you have there!! Although the old barn area from your first videos is hard to beat. And mad workload as always 🤘

  7. Your High-Volume Calisthenics Program is awesome and this routine is really challenging. I recommend this program 100%!!!!

  8. Calisthenics grind won't ever stop! Keep building the community in your area and worldwide through social media and your endeavors! There are so many young people whose lives will be transformed via calisthenics 💪🏻

  9. Finally a new video. Just keep them coming how you feel. Always nice content and workouts. Salute from Berlin, Germany

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