Full Body FAT LOSS Workout! Day-20 (Hindi / Punjabi)



  1. Sunny ji u said in the last part of video 15 se 20 minutes kare Cardio after work out
    I think it should be cool down
    Please clear

  2. y dont you not adding day after day 73….from ladies daaily workout at home

  3. Sir plz make a weight loose exercise at home for those who have disc bulge bcuz I put on 4 kg.

  4. sir, day by day fat to fit AAP nikaliye qki 3 char 4 din gap ho jata hai to fir krne se koi fyada thori na hoga , so sad sunny pa ji 😥😥

  5. Sir ,
    Week mein kitni bar pushups laga sakte hain?
    Mera 3 times hota hain
    1)Back ke saath
    2) triceps ke saath
    3) chest ke saath
    Is it ok?

  6. I take what my body need from protein but i found blood urea above normal level …
    I ask if i have to decrease my protein in my diet or not please answer me as soon as possible

  7. Hi sir mara weight loss nahi hota.1 hour fast walk kardi aa .30 minutes experience kardi and with diet .mara weight loss nhi ho ta .what can i do ?

  8. Hi sir u r too good
    my Question is how many day i have to do Day 1 exercise same Day 2 how many i m confused please please reply

  9. Workout k last me cardio exercise best of best hai ,thanku it's working brother ✔️🤗🙏

  10. Yr bhai me apki har series me se workout karta hn magar mere body per cutting nahe ate na tricep pe

  11. Ya exercise cardio thi ya only exercise thi is Kay baad bki treadmill per cardio karna Kaya zarori hay

  12. क्या बात है पाजी जी पूरे वर्कआउट धीरे-धीरे और बढ़ रहा है पर मेरा वेट में अभी तक कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ा है करीब डेढ़ महीने से कर रहा हूं वर्कआउट अभी मेरा वेट 95 k

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