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  1. Welcome back! I'm so excited to see your new videos! my favourite video will be the Protein Sweet Potato Cookie recipe..simply genius. But really, i love them all <3

  2. Love the vlogs and the asklivelean series. We feel closer to you in this way. I learned that patience is gold! And I learned how to work out. Live Lean workouts are the best!

  3. I missed your VLogs; so glad you are back to them. Thanks for the FREE workouts. This was an awesome video, with great information. I watch only YOU TUBE in the morning; none of that terrible News they push! I enjoy watching your family grow. Kids are beautiful! You two are my favs and I tell everyone about you.

  4. “3 best nighttime snacks” video. “the perfect workout schedule for fat loss” AND “3 ways to use the stairs to lose fat” video (I couldn’t pick just one favorite video 🤣 Congratulations on your growing family and congrats on all the livelean success!

  5. Love them all. Love the simple workouts but also miss the question/answers. Those were awesome. And of course love to see your family! It's no surprise that being successful in love and fidelity is a motivation for physical fitness. Keep up the good work! Oxx

  6. Wow Jess awesome workout 😊. Sweet a work out plans to cool. Thank you so much for the video. I enjoyed the recipes and the mom work outs.

  7. I don’t feel like LiveLean videos get the views they SHOULD BE GETTING. Your videos are so informative and easy to follow. I wish you and your wife the success you deserve!! ❤️

  8. The one thing that you guys have shown me is how to switch things out that are lower calorie to help me fill up without killing my deficit for the day. (Ex. Lettuce leaves for tacos). This amongst so many other tips and tricks helped me stay lean during my pregnancy. Thank you guys! P.S. our daughter was due the same day Cody was but sadly she had to be induced for medical reasons, thought it was crazy we had the same due date!

  9. Big thanks, really loved it especially the cool down at the end, really important part of the workout that's what I got to realise after having some injuries cuz of not doing them , keep in peace live lean family 💪

  10. My favorite vids are usually the workout videos. I get bored with the same old routine pretty quick, so I’m always looking to try out new things.

    I’ve been watching off and on for over a year, but just recently purchased LL Newbie and have been going through it. I’ve honestly always hated and been kind of intimidated by the gym. But I really enjoy the workouts in this program, and fully intend to start another of your programs after this one wraps (3 weeks to go!). It’s easy to fit into my busy life. Also, I love that you guys are honest and it doesn’t feel like you have to eat just salads and stir fry (though that also works). I’m motivated to eat naturally and actually enjoy working out, and that was my biggest goal for these first few weeks. So far, so good 🙂

  11. I love the Nutrition and Fitness (workout) videos.  All Live Lean videos!!!  so educational. I had no idea just how important a role nutrition plays in losing fat and becoming fit. omg I've learned a wealth of information from watching your YouTube videos. I'd be lost without a program to follow each month.  Thanks for creating those awesome programs.

  12. I'm sure the kids will grow up to be in great shape thx to their fitness educated parents much love and respect to you both! I'm still teaching my mom about certain nutrition habits and swapping out certain things little by little shes getting the hang of it its ridiculous though that most health food is so expensive these days especially when we go to Whole Foods we can only get several things but at least its better than nothing I am always grateful

  13. Yes! I love vlogs from you all. It’s nice to see how you incorporate your healthy lifestyle in day to day life. Please keep sharing!

  14. I love the follow along videos, but also the blogs, I think watching you guys as a real live family makes it easy to relate and know that it's possible to be a LL family in the real world.
    The best thing that I've learned it's that this is a life long journey and not a race, so I just take one step at a time

  15. The one thing I've learned is that nutrition is just as important (if not more) as working out. 👍

  16. Yes!!! Happy to see the vlogs are back 😃

    My favorite video 🤔 I like these vlog styles because you get a little of everything. Cooking, nutrition, workouts and grocery videos are all great too lol.

    One thing I’ve learned from your channel beside how to get a great workout in, is how to eat better.

    Your cooking videos are amazing! It’s really changed the way I eat! Of course there is a lot of room for improvement, but one day at a time.

    Thanks for always sharing with us and congratulations on all the success you guys are having as a family and in business!

  17. So great to have you vlogging again – I have missed you! My favorite videos are by far these day in the life vlogs, since I have a 2 1/2 year old and am trying to figure out balance and healthy living with a toddler. The best advice I have learned from you comes from having gotten a lifetime Live Lean membership – because you have taught me the beauty of variety in workout programming. Keep up the great work – and the vlogging!!!

  18. I could be wrong, but I think you uploaded the video after the one of Jess having the baby and people were probably thinking "why the Heck is he jumping out a plane when he just had a baby?" At least that's what I thought until I saw Jess in the video still pregnant. Lol Just my opinion. 😜

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