Freestyle – Relax and Feel



  1. why does my pool look so cloudy and dirty compared to these swimming videos?

  2. Had a date with the end wall and i've been the hospital all weekend with a concussion thanks to this.

  3. They say learning to swim is like learning how to ride a bike, I say it's more like learning to ride a unicycle which is even harder xD

  4. this is like a tumblr textpost: taste the lovely water feel the water against ur skin smel l the ch lo r ine

  5. it actually makes me feel stressed out. beacuse I don't know where I'm going.

  6. When the swimmer enters hand in water there are no bubbles et all! No matter how much i try, there are whole lot of air bubbles trailing my hands. how to do it???

  7. Zen swimming. How often do I have to literally pull myself up for not feeling what I`m doing in the water. Great reminder, thanks

  8. I have this problem – I attend to tense up whenever I'm swimming. This is due to a bad experience of drowning when I was about 18 years ago and that fear continued to this day.

    I started to swim since last year April and able to swim a full lap with side kick and by lying on my back and looking up (both using flippers) but when my face is in the water, I get so tense, my shoulders are like solid brick.

  9. This is absolutely brilliant, in terms of focusing on "feel". What's jarring to me is the assumption that the best part of taking your goggles off is closing your eyes. Try also opening your eyes in the water without goggles: it's fantastic. Competitive swimming, old school 🙂 nothing quite like it; adds another dimension to the experience. (Downside: your eyes will sting from the chlorine after about 5 hours of that. Bonus: you see rainbows around all the lights at night.)

  10. I am a new swimmer
    And inside me fear of water
    Experimented with what I've learned from this video
    was fantastic completely.

    thank you guys

  11. Good tip, whenever my swimming doesn't feel right, I find myself fighting the water instead of feeling it.

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