Freestyle Alert! LTO's Jasmine Shannon Twerking it out in Just Peechy leggings!



  1. Would like to see her in a video that's more sensual, a lot slower in moves to show what she got on skills. Sorry Lex you spoiled us.

  2. Matter of fact, this is something that is motivating to all and enjoyable to watch, anyone agrees???

  3. I bought a pair of Just Peechy leggings once. ONCE. The seamstress must have been a beginner. Shit looks bad. Can't wear them.

  4. I always wondered what her name was because I like her hair. I like the leggings too.

    I am the only got a video about 🍽 🐈 and under this video?😵

  5. okay, she definitely the thickest out of all of them, more fluid movement as well. I like this new instructor!

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