Former Fat People Reveal How Losing Weight Changed Their Life (r/AskReddit)



  1. I think losing weight is turning me into a narcissist 😂 ( joking ) I am starting to like looking at myself in the mirror to see the amazing transformation . I bought a full length mirror

  2. I’m 60 pounds down now! From 270-208 now. I had no plans to seriously work hard at losing weight until I got diagnosed with MS at 24. I’m not gonna let MS take my life away.

  3. This channel has been helping me to lose weight and slow down on my binges. I've lost 7 lbs so far, not much but I worked hard for it and I have a long way to go. Thank you for the motivation!!

  4. Subbed to this channel in early November and got motivated to lose weight, I was 5'8 and 175 pounds, but thanks to the advice of this channel I am now 5'8 and 150 pounds! 15 more to go but thank you to everyone who motivates others in the comments, it really helped me!

  5. I’m 15 and lost weight I was always strong took up running better diet and doubled my reps my jawline chiseled at the same time I grew a couple inches so a lot of the ppl who called me ugly like me but I don’t hold grudges but still won’t date them also got way better clothes for Christmas a lot of clothes

  6. I've never been so unhappy as I am now after losing weight. When I was bigger, I felt confident and didn't care what other people thought of me. 40-50 pounds lighter I compare myself constantly to oyher slim(mer) women.

  7. Hi, I am very young, too young to go the the gym any tips to lose around 50-60 pounds in around 10 months?

  8. “There would be entire days where I didn’t get a full Banana at all” 😂 (love your videos luke!!!)

  9. It's my first winter since my fat lost, and I'm freezing. I live in a warm place but sometimes it gets a little bit cold and I feel like i'm gonna die, even in sunny days sometimes I get really cold if it's windy, it's so weird.

  10. 108kg in October to 97kg now 🙂 10kg to a BMI healthy weight, 20kg to goal weight (I'm 187cm)

  11. I’ve been a Narwhal for at least 7 months now and I’ve lost around 40 lbs so far—over halfway to my goal weight! Thank you so much for the videos, Luke. These videos keep me motivated and they help me feel a lot less alone❤️

  12. Hello I am a 13 year old male who is about 5”5’ and I was 245 in 2019 . I started to get serious about losing weight (with the motivation of my big sister who has lost about 100) in like June. I am now 194 and I’m still trying to get to 160. Jsut believe in yourself. I started this journey at 12. Please try.

  13. I have lost 75 lbs and I eat a lot of fruit, I would be sad without my morning banana as well

  14. I feel like I was most confident when I weighed 217 lbs as a 5'2 female. I never experienced fat shaming or was treated differently at my biggest or my smallest. Now, I'm an in-between weight and size but losing the 40+ pounds I gained when I let life interfere with living. I'm making changes for health reasons, but healthier eating means weight loss.

  15. My highest weight was 190 pounds and my lowest weight was 145 @ 5'7.

    I tracked my calories and ate between 900-1200 cals/day & walked my dog for 5 miles a day 3-5 days a week. ( 1.5 hour walk usually. )

    To be honest I didn't really keep track of how long it took me, but it didn't take a very long time. Most importantly I'm trying to change my relationship with food and respecting food for what it is: a tool for when i'm hungry. no other emotion.

    So now I try to just eat when I'm hungry, not any other time. I still want to lose about 20 lbs, but it's getting hard.

    Wish me luck?! 😩 Best of luck to all of YOU!

  16. People noticed me more after the weight loss. I would be talking to one person and a guy from across the room would be listening in, interrupt the conversation they're having with another person and respond to what I said, even though it was never directed towards them, or wasn't a particularly interesting topic. This has happened multiple times.
    I also, for the first time in my life ever, started getting asked out, or had mothers ask me for my number to give to their sons.
    This also means I have to figure out how to handle sexual harassment, as it was a problem that had never affected me until the weight loss, and I still have the self esteem of my former fat self.
    I think the thing that surprised the most is that women started comparing my body to theirs? As in, using my new figure to criticize their own body. 1. It feels weird, I never imagined that someone would want to compare themselves to me, much less wish they looked like how I look 2. It assumes that I had it easy getting to this state, it was not 3. It makes me feel bad, because I KNOW I've made similar comments to others when I was fat.

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