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  1. चारक संहिता के अनुसार अंकुरित अनाज का निसेद है

  2. We want Patanjali whey isolate and hydrolysed whey. I think almost gurumann and baba saying the same. But, Ramdev being a Vegetarian is against eggs which have essential vitamins and high quality lean protein. Consuming whole fruits would be better than fruit juice🤔

  3. Sir,main raat ko denner mein kebal fruit lene ka plan kar raha hoon.main raat ko kaun kaun se fruit le sakta hoon rozana.pls mera margdarshan karen

  4. "Remember when your body is hungry, it wants only Nutrients, not Calories"
    Have you ever heard about The Superfood, The miracle tree, The Moringa and its nutrition contains?

    MORINGA- Most nutritional food on land
    92 Nutrients. The next closest plant has only 28.
    46 Antioxidants,
    36 Anti-Inflammatories
    18 Amino Acids
    9 Essential Amino Acids that our body do not produce.

    For more Information regarding Moringa and its Nutrition you can email us : [email protected]

  5. Par baba ji ankurith aahar ko jeher bole ja rahe hai .
    Aye sahi hai ya galath eski upar vi ek video banado na plz

  6. I never eat eggs 🥚 what I eat is:mushrooms and meat 🥩 and I just buy meat 🥩 and purely just cook it at low heat fruits 🍎 and veggies 🥦🥒🥕🥔🎃 and no eggs 🥚 and lemonade 🥂 but i don’t eat grains and I don’t drink milk 🥛I get protein from vegetables

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